Stranger Things 2: Eleven’s top 5 bitchin’ moments

Stranger Things 2- Photo Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix
Stranger Things 2- Photo Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix /
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Stranger Things 2 was released on October 27 and gave us new exciting Eleven quality content, including all these bitchin’ moments.

This isn’t a secret for anyone: Eleven has always been a badass. She was way before she slicked her hair back and put some smudge under her eyes (although not gonna lie, the new look makes its effect). She is a formidable, strong-willed and fierce young girl whose power runs as deep as her spirit. She is a hero who draws her strength from the pain she has known and who won’t let herself be broken.

Bitchin’. This is one of the new words Eleven has learned this season, and definitely the one the audience will remember.

If you look up the word in the dictionary, you will find:

1 slang: remarkably bad
2 slang: remarkably good or cool

And there couldn’t be a better word to define Eleven and underline her dual personality. As heroic and awesome as she can be, El also has a temper. Better be on her good side than her bad one (we all remember what happened to Troy). And for that matter, her telekinetic power is connected to her darker side, as she often channels it through her anger.

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As Eleven goes through an identity crisis this season, the show explores further this duality within her, often oscillating between the two sides of her personality and thus, the two meanings of the word. But her limits are also tested as the teenager goes on a personal journey to figure out the kind of person she wants to be.

She comes out of it stronger and more confident in herself. Yeah, and more bitchin’ than ever, too.

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