Stranger Things 2: Eleven’s top 5 bitchin’ moments

Stranger Things 2- Photo Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix
Stranger Things 2- Photo Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix /
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Stranger Things 2
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5. Eleven knocks Max off her skateboard

This season, with Maxine’s arrival, we get to see a new side of Eleven. Her jealous side.

What happens: Eleven, who has sneaked out of the house to check on Mike, finds him in the pleasant company of another girl. Watching them from behind the door, it seems the pair is hitting it off and soon it becomes too much for Eleven to cope with. She uses her powers to knock Max off her skateboard (truly, it looks like Eleven always causes mischief in the school’s gym!). The girl falls hard on the floor and Mike helps her up, then Eleven, sad and hurt, disappears.

Bad bitchin’ or cool bitchin’?

Definitely not “criminal offense” kind of bad, but still devilish. As a jealous sweetheart and as a teenager, we can’t expect Eleven to keep a cool head when it comes to Mike and other girls orbiting around him (which, funnily, is what Max was doing on her skateboard).

And from what we’ve seen in the season finale, it doesn’t look like Eleven is inclined to give the girl a chance. And maybe there is a more profound reason behind that than just lovey-dovey jealousy. By joining the gang as the intriguing and fierce newcomer, Max stole her spot and, as such, a part of Eleven’s identity. El probably resents Maxine, less for going after Mike, than for being the person who was awesome enough to be welcomed into the gang by her friends and replace her.

Next season should bring an interesting and tense relationship between the two fiery girls. To be continued.