Stranger Things season 2 episode titles

Credit: Stranger Things - Netflix
Credit: Stranger Things - Netflix /

The full list of the Stranger Things season 2 episode titles. Stranger Things season 2 premieres on Friday, October 27, 2017.

Last summer, Netflix announced all the episode titles for Stranger Things season 2. The streaming network did so as they usually do, with a video posted to their official YouTube Channel.

With Stranger Things season 2 officially set to premiere on Friday, October 27, 2017, we wanted to remind viewers of the season 2 episode titles. We have listed all the titles along with the teaser video below.

Although we don’t know what the episode titles mean yet, I think it’s an awesome way for Netflix and the Duffer Brothers to create a little intrigue into the series and let viewers mull over those titles for a little while waiting for season 2.

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Here are the Stranger Things season 2 episode titles, via Netflix:

  1. “Madmax” 
  2. “The Boy Who Came Back to Life” 
  3. “The Pumpkin Patch” 
  4. “The Palace” 
  5. “The Storm” 
  6. “The Pollywog” 
  7. “The Secret Cabin” 
  8. “The Brain” 
  9. “The Lost Brother” 

According to an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, The Duffer Brothers mentioned that some of the episode titles may change by the time the season premieres, and that’s because they didn’t really want to give everything away in the titles so long before the season begins.

As you’ll recall, the first season of the series was split into different chapters. For example, the first episode was called “Chapter One: The Vanishing of Will Byers.” We assume those chapter numbers will continue throughout the rest of the series, so the first episode of season 2 will be “Chapter Nine: Madmax.”

And, here is that awesome teaser trailer announcing the episode titles, via Netflix:

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We would also like to remind you that Stranger Things season 2 is also one more episode than the first season. Hopefully that comes as good news! I’ll take every episode of Stranger Things we can get at this point!