Why Reba ended after season 6 (and why a revival likely won't happen)

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Netflix has been hitting us all right in the nostalgia throughout 2024, and the latest new addition is none other than the fan-favorite sitcom Reba. The beloved comedy arrived on the streamer on May 6 and didn't take but a day to make its way into the daily top 10. The power of Reba!

As more and more fans begin their rewatches of the comforting 2000s comedy series (if you're not one of us who's been re-bingeing, join us!), you'll naturally be wondering why the show ended in the first place and why there's no Reba season 7. And what about a revival? Could the cast get back together for a new edition? Well, there's some bittersweet news on that front.

Reba ended thanks to The CW's merger

After finishing its fifth season in May 2006 on The WB, Reba was one of the lucky shows to make the leap over to The CW, as The WB and UPN merged into a single network. A lot of shows, including fan-favorites like Everwood, were canceled as a casualty of the merger. But even though Reba made it over to The CW, the sitcom sadly didn't last much longer.

After a 13-episode sixth season, The CW opted not to order a full 22-episode season or another season of the show. Being so, Reba aired its final episode in February 2007. It's been said that the cancellation had something to do with the aftermath of the merger, which is entirely likely as the network looked to move into new directions (see: teens and, later, superheroes). The fact that the series was produced by 20th Century Fox Television and the network was, at the time, owned 50/50 by Warner Bros. and CBS could have played a key role, too.

Happy's Place - Season Pilot
HAPPY'S PLACE -- "Pilot" -- Pictured: (l-r) Reba McEntire as Bobbie, Belissa Escobedo as Isabella -- (Photo by: Casey Durkin/NBC) /

Reba's new NBC sitcom dims revival hopes

Over 20 years after its premiere in 2001, and nearly 20 years after its ending in 2007, Reba (both the show and the person) has managed to maintain its place in pop culture, whether through social media memes or frequent cable re-airings. Considering we're still in an era where reboots and revivals are a dime a dozen and audiences have a hunger for the past, the sitcom has been top of mind.

However, Reba McEntire's new NBC sitcom Happy's Place was officially ordered to series in May 2024. But there's a silver lining for Reba fans. Melissa Peterman, who played Barbra Jean in the show, will star alongside McEntire in the new series. So, it's a reboot of sorts, just a different show and premise. Maybe McEntire will be able to feature more of her Reba family, including JoAnna Garcia Swisher, Steve Howey, and Christopher Rich.

McEntire had previously opened up about wanting to revive her eponymous comedy, but nothing has come to fruition. Still, you can never say never. Happy's Place could very well be a massive hit and last for many years, and we hope that it does. On the flip side, TV can be fickle. On the off chance that it doesn't pan out, the Hart family might have their chance at a comeback yet.

All six seasons of Reba are currently streaming on Netflix. Stay tuned for more TV news and updates from Netflix Life!

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