Why Ginny and Georgia season 3 will be the best season yet

Ginny & Georgia. (L to R) Brianne Howey as Georgia, Scott Porter as Mayor Paul Randolph in episode 210 of Ginny & Georgia. Cr. Brooke Palmer/Netflix © 2022
Ginny & Georgia. (L to R) Brianne Howey as Georgia, Scott Porter as Mayor Paul Randolph in episode 210 of Ginny & Georgia. Cr. Brooke Palmer/Netflix © 2022 /

Ginny and Georgia fans, assemble. We're all patiently waiting for the highly anticipated third season of the hit teen series to come to Netflix, but it looks like it'll be a while before this happens. As of Jan. 8, production still hasn't started and we still don't know if scripts have been written. But the good news is that a rumor is swirling around that filming prep will begin in February. For now, a late 2024 release is what we're looking at. We'll let you know if anything changes.

But what do we do in the meantime while waiting for Ginny and Georgia season 3? Well, we've been thinking about the third season and what it could be about. There isn't an official synopsis yet, but we just know that season 3 will be very entertaining to watch based on how the second season ended.

Below, we shared our reasons on why we believe this to be the case.

Ginny & Georgia. Brianne Howey as Georgia in episode 203 of Ginny & Georgia. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022 /

Georgia's problems have finally caught up to her

Georgia, Ginny, and Austin were pretty much nomads before they settled down in Wellsbury, and the reason for their constant moving was because of Georgia's dark past. As the show goes on, we start to learn about Georgia's past and understand why she wants to keep it hidden. But no matter how hard she tries, somehow it gets brought to the surface and threatens to take away her and her kids futures.

Just when it seemed like everything was going well for Georgia in Wellsbury, she goes and commits murder again. But this time she thought she was doing a good deed for a friend since that friend helped her out previously, but it ended up coming back to bite her on the butt.

In the season 2 finale, she's arrested at her wedding for the murder of Tom Fuller. Tom was comatose, and Georgia had smothered him with a pillow to end his suffering believing that she'd be doing a good deed for his wife Cynthia and their family. But after Georgia's co-worker Nick revealed to his undercover private investigator boyfriend Nick Cordova that Georgia was there the night of Tom's death, this gave Cordova enough evidence to have Georgia arrested.

Georgia had been evading capture time and time again. How will get she out of this mess this time? I mean, she left the pillow she smothered Tom with at the scene. All evidence will point to her being the suspect. How will this affect her relationship with her kids and Paul? It'll be interesting to see how she gets herself out of this difficult situation in season 3.


Austin will have to cope after seeing Georgia kill Tom

The scene in season 2 of Austin seeing his mom murder Tom left me with my jaw dropped. Now, he truly knows what Georgia is capable of. Although he didn't react much to the act, I know this has to affect him in some way. And then he had to see his mom get taken away by the police for a murder he watched her commit. He's only 9 years old and has already experienced so much in life that he shouldn't have.

How will he cope? Will he begin to rebel? Remember, Austin had previously stabbed a classmate of his with a pencil in season 1. So, he's already shown the qualities of being a troubled kid. After Georgia's arrest, it looks like Ginny and Austin will both be needing therapy.

Ginny & Georgia. (L to R) Aaron Ashmore as Gil, Brianne Howey as Georgia in episode 209 of Ginny & Georgia. Cr. Brooke Palmer/Netflix © 2022 /

Gil might try to fight for custody of Austin

I can definitely see this happening now that Georgia has been arrested. If you recall from season 2, Gil told Georgia that he was going to fight for custody of Austin, but luckily for Georgia, Paul stepped in and threatened Gil by telling him that he'll call his parole officer and get him sent back to prison if he keeps harassing Georgia. But now that Georgia has been arrested for murder, he'll probably try to use her arrest to try to win custody over Austin. This wouldn't be good for Georgia.

We'll keep you constantly updated on what's going on with Ginny and Georgia season 3, so stay tuned to Netflix Life!

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