Where to watch Sydney Sweeney's new horror movie Immaculate

The film won't be on Netflix, but we can point you in the right direction.
Sydney Sweeney in Immaculate - Courtesy of Neon
Sydney Sweeney in Immaculate - Courtesy of Neon /

Sydney Sweeney put on her executive producer hat to bring us Immaculate, a beautifully written horror film that you absolutely should watch.

The 2024 film follows the life of Cecilia, a young woman who joins a mysterious convent in search of God's mission for her. When suspicious events begin happening to her, including a sudden pregnancy, Cecilia begins to question if these blessings are really just curses in disguise. What's more, with the powers that be behaving strangely, she's even more fearful for not only her safety but the safety of her unborn "child."

Immaculate officially premieres in theaters on Friday, Mar. 22. But maybe you won't be able to watch the film's theatrical debut. If that's the case, you may be in luck, as one of the streaming services you have may acquire the film shortly after its theatrical release.

Here's what we know so far!

Immaculate likely won't come to Netflix anytime soon

Immaculate was brought to us by the production company Neon, which has produced a plethora of amazing films, including (but not limited to) Pig, The Worst Person in the World, Spencer, and the Academy Award-winning film, Parasite. All these films are currently on many streaming services, but not Netflix.

Parasite andThe Worst Person in the World are streaming on Hulu, while Spencer and Pig are on Amazon Prime Video. With Hulu and Amazon Prime Video usually being the places where Neon films go, Netflix is unlikely to stream Immaculate.

Netflix movies like Immaculate

There are tons of films that pertain to religious horror titles, many of which we know you'll love.

Here are some of our Netflix recommendations in place of Immaculate:

  • Veronica (2017)
  • Apostle (2018)
  • The Seventh Day (2021)
  • Incantation (2022)
  • Sister Death (2023)

Perhaps you aren't a fan of any title not featuring the very talented Sydney Sweeney. If so, that's fine because Netflix has one of her most recent projects, Anyone But You, heading to the platform on Tuesday, Apr. 23!

Check out the official trailer for the film below.

Hopefully, Immaculate will eventually make its way to Netflix. Until then, head to your local theater to watch every second of the horror film. Or head to Netflix to catch some very scary thrillers!

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