What to watch on Netflix this weekend if you're skipping the Super Bowl, Feb. 9-11

These Netflix shows and movies are more likely to keep you entertained than the Super Bowl if you're not a sports fan.
Lover Stalker Killer. Cr: Netflix.
Lover Stalker Killer. Cr: Netflix. /

Not all of us care about Super Bowl LVIII or watching the Kansas City Chiefs face off against the San Francisco 49ers, but that will be the main talk of the internet this weekend when it debuts this Sunday, February 11.

For those non-sports fans out there, Netflix has plenty of other options available to check out so you don't have to feel obligated to watch the Super Bowl. Instead, you can watch an acclaimed romantic drama, a classic sitcom, a new true crime documentary, and more!

One Day
Ambika Mod and Leo Woodall in One Day - Netflix /

One Day

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, now is the perfect time to try watching Netflix's latest original series One Day, based on David Nicholls' novel of the same name. With 14 episodes, this is a nicely-sized romantic drama to sink your teeth into this weekend, particularly if you're not a football fan.

One Day is follows the story of Dexter Mayhew (Leo Woodall) and Emma Morley (Ambika Mod). On the night of their graduation, Dexter and Emma speak for the first time before parting ways. After that, they see each other again on the same day, July 15, each year. Every episode follows Dexter and Emma as they grow and evolve yet return to one another for this special day year after year.

Lover Stalker Killer. Cr: Netflix. /

Lover, Stalker, Killer

True crime enthusiasts get a new jaw-dropping documentary in time for the weekend with the premiere of Lover, Stalker, Killer, from Fear City: New York vs The Mafia director Sam Hobkinson. This one follows a man seeking to restart his dating life via the apps when he makes two promising connections with women named Liz and Cari, respectively. But not long after going out on a date with both, one of the women turns volatile and puts Dave in the center of a deadly love triangle.

A Killer Paradox_Unit_108_410243
A Killer Paradox (L to R) Choi Woo-shik as Lee Tang, Son Suk-ku as Jang Nan-gam in A Killer Paradox Cr. SONG KYOUNG SUB/Netflix © 2023 /

A Killer Paradox

Netflix's newest Korean drama is A Killer Paradox starring Choi Woo-shik (Train to Busan) and Son Suk-ku (Sense8). An average college student finds himself stuck in a rut until he accidentally kills someone and that murder leads to another... putting him in the crosshairs of a very shrewd detective who is intent on hunting him down. At eight episodes, this thrilling series will keep you hooked and is a great weekend binge-watch.


If you're looking for an old favorite to watch this weekend, then why not revisit the acclaimed comedy-drama series Monk? This Emmy Award-winning show ran for eight seasons and all episodes are currently streaming on Netflix. While you can't watch the whole thing in one weekend, it's the type of show that will keep you busy for a while.

Tony Shalhoub stars as Adrian Monk, a man with obsessive-compulsive disorder who becomes intent on solving the murder of his wife. His OCD leads him to getting fired from his job at the San Francisco Police Department, but Monk continues solving crimes with some assistance from his old boss and his assistant.

My Wife & Kids

Damon Wayans stars in this hilarious and heartwarming sitcom from the early 2000s. All five seasons were recently added to Netflix and the series is already tugging a nostalgic chord as its started to chart on Netflix's Top 10 for English-language shows. Why not kick back and share some laughs with your family while watching the Kyle family's day-to-day shenanigans?

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