What is the cast of Too Hot to Handle season 4 up to now?

Find out what this charismatic cast is up to in 2024.
Too Hot to Handle season 4. Netflix.
Too Hot to Handle season 4. Netflix. /

Its been over a year since Too Hot to Handle season 4 premiered, debuting back in December 2022, and now here we are early into 2024 and several of the cast members from the fourth season are still quite popular and active online. Some of them have made exciting career moves in the past year and at least one couple is still going strong!

While there was a fifth season of the show released in July 2023, we still don't know if the Netflix reality show will return for a sixth season. For now, though, we can look back at one of the best seasons and see what all of the season 4 cast members are up to these days.


Jawahir Khalifa & Nick Kici

Jawahir and Nick were not only one of the strongest couples from Too Hot to Handle season 4, but they actually ended up winning the whole season. Unfortunately, their relationship didn't last long after the show.

We reached out to Jawahir to see what she's been up to lately and here's what she told us!

"I have been single, I have been finding myself and living my best life. I am on a healing journey and it has been amazing, I’ve been traveling, journaling, meditating and working out. I think as a reality TV star there’s always something new going to happen and the question is when and what? And when the time comes I can’t [wait] to share this with my supporters.

Additionally, she told us she's still in touch with some of the cast and she had a great time doing the show for Netflix. When asked if she would consider returning to reality TV, Jawahir told us, "Definitely. I adore being on TV. I had such a good experience with Netflix and I enjoyed being a part of the show. Honestly, I can’t wait to be part of another TV show."

As for Nick, he's a little harder to pin down as it looks like he deleted his Instagram and hasn't updated his TikTok in over a year. Nick has an account on X (formerly Twitter) and appears to be focusing more on his creative endeavors.


Kayla Richart & Seb Melrose

Despite breaking up after the show ended, Seb and Kayla managed to find their way back to each other and they are still going strong! The two have found ways of making their long-distance relationship work and seem to visit one another very often and they regularly travel together, which certainly must help their bond. Seb continues to be passionate about his racing career and the pair recently attended the NASCAR Busch Light Clash in California together.

Too Hot to Handle season 4. Netflix. /

Brittan Byrd & James Pendergrass

Brittan and James were one of the three main couples from the fourth season and they even became finalists in the end. Sadly, their relationship fizzled out after the show wrapped and while they appeared to be on-again off-again for a bit, nowadays it doesn't look like they're together anymore and haven't been for a while, though they are reportedly still friendly and follow each other on social media.

Brittan is a model, as you'll see from her Instagram, which is mostly comprised of gorgeous glamour shots. At one point, Brittan was spotted looking cozy with The Bachelorette's Justin Glaze (who is actually the cousin of Love Is Blind star Marshall Glaze), but it's unclear if anything came of that pairing or if they're just friends.

James is also doing great and you can keep up with him @jamespendergrass_. In an endearing twist, it looks like he and Seb are still really close as he recently shared a video of them hanging out together! James appears very devoted to his fitness journey with the bulk of his content relating to exercise and gym time.

Too Hot to Handle season 4. Netflix. /

Dominique Defoe

Dominique initially hit it off with Nigel, but then things fizzled out between them. Dominique ended up becoming a finalist on the show. She and Brittan are still close friends and as they are both bisexual, there were rumors that they had a relationship during their time on the show that got cut for some reason, though it doesn't look like either of them have officially confirmed or denied that. These days, it looks like Dominique is living her best life, going to clubs, dancing, traveling, and writing!

Flavia Laos. Too Hot to Handle season 4. Netflix. /

Flavia Laos Urbina

Flavia is perhaps one of the most popular Too Hot to Handle contestants outside of the show with more than five million followers on her social media platforms. The Peruvian star is an actress, singer, and model who won Latin Influencer of the Year at the 2022 People's Choice Awards.

She connected with Creed during the show's fourth season, but sadly Creed kept flip-flopping between women, specifically her and Imogen, so their relationship fizzled out and Creed was eventually eliminated from the show. Flavia became one of several season 4 finalists. She seems to be focusing on her music career and promoting her new single "Afterparty."

Imogen Ewan in Too Hot to Handle season 4 - Netflix /

Imogen Ewan

Imogen was another late arrival on the show and she turned heads as soon as she showed up, quickly attracting the attention of Creed and becoming the third point in a love triangle between him and Flavia. Creed was later eliminated but Imogen stuck it out until the end and became a finalist. Nowadays, she's keeping herself plenty busy with her beautiful baby girl!

Too Hot to Handle season 4. Netflix. /

Nigel Jones

When Too Hot to Handle season 4 first kicked off, it seemed like sparks were flying between Nigel and Kayla. The two hit it off immediately, though many other women at the retreat were interested in Nigel, too, including Dominique. Once Kayla paired off with Seb, it looked like something might be heating up between Nigel and Dominique, but that ultimately fizzled out and Nigel left the show single, though at least he ended up a finalist!

Since the season aired in 2022, Nigel appears to have been laying low for the most part. He doesn't regularly post to his Instagram, though he is more active on his Instagram Story. During a recent interview with Kolor Magazine, Nigel revealed he's working on his brand Eurofit with plans to make an apparel line. He also teased that he'd be "on the big screen again" sooner than we think.

Shawn Wells in Too Hot to Handle season 4 - Netflix /

Shawn Wells

Shawn was one of the later additions to the house, coming in to shake things up in the seventh episode alongside Imogen. He went on a date with Kayla and clicked with Jawahir, but ultimately left the show as a single finalist. Nowadays, Shawn is doing really well for himself. He recently landed his first magazine cover, and he'll also star in the upcoming romantic drama A Stranger's Waltz, which is set to premiere at the Pan African Film Festival.

Too Hot to Handle season 4. Netflix. /

Creed McKinnon

Whether intentional or not, Creed sort of ended up becoming one of the main villains in Too Hot to Handle season 4 after he fumbled Sophie, Flavia, and Imogen, leading Lana to eliminate him from the competition before the season was over. But since leaving the show, Creed seems to have stayed on good terms with several members of the cast and has kept himself busy with various projects, including VersaWare Technologies, a company he co-founded. Currently, his social media indicates he's visiting Cape Town.

Too Hot to Handle season 4. Netflix. /

Sophie Stonehouse

Sophie had one of the saddest arcs on the show as she was betrayed by Creed and then ultimately felt herself closed off to forming new connections, thus causing Lana to send her home. Per her Instagram, she's now an ambassador for RYDE Studios, which offers training and classes in pilates, barre, cycling, and more. She's also an influencer and keeps herself busy with social media and other entertainment gigs.

Ethan Smith. Too Hot to Handle season 4. Netflix. /

Ethan Smith

Ethan was another late arrival added to the house to shake things up and he instantly hit it off with Sophie, at least at first. But Lana felt that Ethan was less interested in forming real connections than he was in hookups, so he ended up getting eliminated before the finale.

Ethan is passionate about fitness and he has also competed in marathons. He has a separate Instagram dedicated to chronicling his fitness journey.

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