Should you watch or skip Atlas on Netflix? Here's the consensus

Join J.Lo's sci-fi adventure if you're up for the journey into AI.
Atlas. Jennifer Lopez as Atlas Shepherd. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix ©2024.
Atlas. Jennifer Lopez as Atlas Shepherd. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix ©2024. /

Are you ready for takeoff with Jennifer Lopez's new Netflix original science-fiction thriller movie Atlas? Maybe you're not so sure whether to dive into the streamer's marquee release over the Memorial Day holiday weekend and need a bit more information before pressing play.

In Atlas, J.Lo dives headfirst into the artificial intelligence battle as the film's title character, data analyst Atlas Shepherd. Naturally distrusting of AI, circumstance lead her to rely on the very thing she doesn't believe in order to help track down a dangerous robot and save the world.

If you're intrigued but still need a bit more information about whether you should watch or skip Netflix's larger-than-life action movie, we're offering our spoiler-free review to help viewers decide whether it's the right movie to watch!

You should watch Atlas if...

Did you enjoy the Netflix original sci-fi movies The Adam Project, Rebel Moon, Code 8, Spiderhead, and more? Did you binge-watch every episode of 3 Body Problem earlier this year? Do you love when usual rom-com queen J.Lo takes on meatier roles in dramas and action movies? If you answered "yes" to all three questions, then you're going to love Atlas.

Overall, Atlas looks incredible. The special effects are breathtaking! It's stunning and a true marvel to watch every intricate action sequence with robots and AI and futuristic technology. I'd say you have to see this on the big screen, but it's only on Netflix. So, find the biggest screen you can and watch it on that to get the best possible viewing experience.

Beyond the sci-fi and artificial intelligence-heavy plot that will surely be subject of many opinion pieces and posts around the internet, the story features an unexpectedly rich and emotional center that's all the more impactful because of its star. Lopez spends the majority of Atlas by herself, acting opposite only a voice, but you're never once tempted to look away from her. That's a performer.

Atlas. Jennifer Lopez as Atlas Shepherd. Cr. Ana Carballosa/Netflix ©2024 /

You should skip Atlas if...

Plainly put, if you aren't a fan of science fiction, action movies in general, or Jennifer Lopez, Atlas likely won't win you over. Any combination of those predispositions or all of them combined will make the Netflix movie a two-hour misfire when you could probably be watching something else that you would enjoy more. (If you're a J.Lo fan who doesn't do action/sci-fi, watch The Wedding Planner on Netflix. Trust me, the rom-com will hit every time, and you're still supporting her.)

Circling back to the movie's theme surrounding artificial intelligence, some viewers will have a tough time reconciling the message sent by the ending and even throughout the film. It's a bit muddled at points, kind of lost in its own murky waters, before attempting to stick the landing... though also kind of reaching for some kind of maudlin pathos that feels unnecessary and beside the point? The movie leaves some of its moral and existential questions hanging in the air or flipped altogether.

The verdict: As with any movie or television series, your mileage may vary. Atlas could surprise you and become a movie you thoroughly enjoy watching over the weekend, or it won't be worth your while. Personally, I would recommend watching Atlas. It's fun, exciting, thrilling to look at, and one heck of a performance from the talented and should-have-been-Oscar-nominated-for-Hustlers Jennifer Lopez.

Atlas is available to watch only on Netflix.