Visit these filming locations from The Tourist season 2 right now

The Tourist season 2 was just added to the Netflix U.S. library, and this time around we travel to Ireland!

The Tourist. (L to R) Danielle Macdonald as Helen Chambers and Jamie Dornan as Elliot in episode 201 of The Tourist. Credit: Steffan Hill/Netflix. 2023 © TWO BROTHERS PICTURES/Netflix
The Tourist. (L to R) Danielle Macdonald as Helen Chambers and Jamie Dornan as Elliot in episode 201 of The Tourist. Credit: Steffan Hill/Netflix. 2023 © TWO BROTHERS PICTURES/Netflix /

The highly-anticipated release of The Tourist season 2 on Netflix is finally here, meaning fans can finally binge the next six episodes of this addicting drama and find out more about Elliot Stanley.

The BBC Original (which is now a Netflix show in the U.S.) follows a man, played by Jamie Dornan, who wakes up in the hospital after surviving a bad car accident that leaves him with memory loss. He cannot remember who he is or anything about his past, with the first season revolving around him putting the pieces together all while being targeted by people who want him dead.

The first season of The Tourist takes place in the Australian Outback, which was awesome to watch. There, Elliot meets a constable named Helen Chambers, played by Danielle Macdonald, who takes an interest in his case. Eventually, they fall in love. We won't give away major spoilers for the second season if you haven't started it yet, but it continues Elliot's exploration for answers. He and Helen travel to Ireland, where he's from, to try and figure out who he is.

Was The Tourist season 2 really filmed in Ireland?

A question you might have while watching The Tourist season 2 is whether or not the show actually shot in Ireland. We're here to assure you that yes, it was filmed there! The beautiful landscapes seen in the second installment were filmed in Ireland, and we're here to break down exactly where. Time to book your next vacation? Definitely consider this European destination!

The Tourist. (L to R) Danielle Macdonald as Helen Chambers and Olwen Fouéré as Niamh Cassidy in episode 202 of The Tourist. Credit: Courtesy of Netflix. 2024 © TWO BROTHERS PICTURES/Netflix /

Dublin, Ireland

In April 2023, Variety reported that production on The Tourist season 2 had begun in Dublin, Ireland. For those unfamiliar, Dublin is the capital city of Ireland and is a very popular vacation spot. Some of the main attractions for tourists to visit are historic buildings and landmarks like the Dublin Castle and St. Patrick's Cathedral, as well as museums such as Kilmainham Gaol, the Irish Whiskey Museum, and The Little Museum of Dublin. Beer lovers can also visit the Guinness Storehouse and the Jameson Distillery for tours and tastings.

The Tourist season 2 features scenes at bars and apartments which we bet were filmed in Dublin. Now, for the countryside locations... The following locations were reported on by the Radio Times.


Bray is a town located in County Wicklow, Ireland, which reportedly served as another backdrop for The Tourist season 2. It's south of Dublin and is home to attractions like the Killruddery House & Gardens, the Mermaid County Wicklow Arts Centre, bars, and churches. There's even a casino out there if you've got the gambling itch! Arguably the most beautiful part of Bray, however, is its picturesque landscapes. If you're visiting, definitely check out the Bray Head Cliff Walk, a gorgeous hiking area, as well as Powerscourt Waterfall, which is one of Ireland's highest waterfalls.

The Tourist. Jamie Dornan as Elliot in episode 201 of The Tourist. Credit: Steffan Hill/Netflix. 2023 © TWO BROTHERS PICTURES/Netflix /


Another beautiful attraction in the Irish countryside to add to your list is Djouce, which The Tourist season 2 reportedly took advantage of. Rather than a town or city, Djouce is a mountain that overlooks breathtaking views. At 2,379 feet, it's no surprise the peak serves as a popular hiking spot for tourists and locals. If you're big on climbing, don't miss Djouce if you're ever in the area.

The Wicklow Mountains

Last but not least, we have the Wicklow Mountains, which we have some interesting details on regarding The Tourist season 2. In an interview with the Radio Times, co-creator Harry Williams and Dornan dished on filming the cafe scene in the first episode at this location. "That was actually built, that cafe," Williams shared. "There were a lot of chats about the cafe and how we put the cafe there, at one point it was a large sort of trailer thing."

If you're a big fantasy fan, you might recognize this location from the show Vikings, which shot scenes at the Poulaphouca Reservoir in the Wicklow Mountains. "I've never seen Vikings, but everyone kept telling us, all the drivers and stuff," Dornan said. "I think they were a bit disappointed that we weren't the Vikings, that was kind of the impression that they were giving me, certainly."

The Wicklow Mountains are located south of both Dublin and Bray and are highly recommended by hikers who have checked out the scenic spot.

In the same interview with the Radio Times, Dornan also shared his feelings on the change of location for the second season. The actor is originally from Northern Ireland, having been born in Holywood, County Down, so it doesn't seem like he needed that much convincing. Though he needed to figure out the logistics — namely temporarily relocating his family — he was happy to be shooting in Ireland:

"I'm hugely biased but I think Irish people are the best people in the world and I've, luckily, in my life, my career had an opportunity to make loads of stuff in Ireland. And I do think there's nothing like an Irish crew. There's a general sort of buoyancy to it, everyone's having fun. They're professional and they work very hard and they're very good at what they do, but there's just a serious level of enjoyment to making art there. So I was a very happy boy."

Jamie Dornan on filming in Ireland

The Tourist has not been renewed (or canceled) yet, so we're unsure if the series will be back for a third season — though the creators would be open to it. If the show does return, we assume it'll be at another new location. Elliot/Eugene and Helen are living in the Netherlands at the end of the second season, so maybe a third season would pick up from there. Dornan joked that the third season is taking place in Canada, which could be an interesting change in scenery as well!

We'll keep you updated with anything we hear regarding a third season of The Tourist, but in the meantime, you can watch (and rewatch) all 12 episodes of the drama right now on Netflix.