Virgin River star Benjamin Hollingsworth teases season 6 (and it's not what you expect)

Ring the alarm! Virgin River season 6 heats up the romance, according to star Benjamin Hollingsworth.
Virgin River. Zibby Allen as Brie, Benjamin Hollingsworth as Brady in episode 501 of Virgin River. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023
Virgin River. Zibby Allen as Brie, Benjamin Hollingsworth as Brady in episode 501 of Virgin River. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023 /

There's no doubt Virgin River fans are waiting with as much patience as they can muster for season 6. While a new season is on the way and the cast is hard at work filming new episodes, unfortunately we will be waiting until 2025 for Virgin River season 6 to premiere. But that doesn't mean there's not plenty of teases to keep fans excited, including a new one from Benjamin Hollingsworth.

In a new interview with TV Insider, Hollingsworth offered some insight into what fans can expect from season 6, and it's not exactly the update you might have been anticipating. The Brady actor suggests that the sexy factor will be turned up a notch in the upcoming season, which will likely have fans wondering just exactly who Brady will be getting sexy with in season 6.

Although Hollingsworth's character Brady had been in a relationship with Jack's sister Brie, the fan-favorite couple called it quits when Brie felt she could no longer trust him to tell her the truth. In the aftermath, Brie started dating Mike, and Brady started dating Lark. Will he still be head over heels for Lark in season 6, or will he start pining again for Brie? Here's what Hollingsworth shared.

Benjamin Hollingsworth teases "heat" in Virgin River season 6

For the most part, Virgin River has remained rather PG on the verge of PG-13 in terms of its sexuality, but Hollingsworth's new comments will have your imagination running wild. It's unlikely that the show will ever become something totally new overnight and we're going to get a TV-MA series. However, turning the heat up, to borrow a phrase from Hollingsworth, could be perfect for these couples.

The actor didn't give away any concrete spoilers (and he can't because Netflix told the cast not to), but he previewed the rising temperature in season 6 to TV Insider:

"We were read the riot act by Netflix about spoilers. I think I can say that we’ve definitely turned up the heat in season 6. I think all characters can fall under this umbrella. After watching season 6, you might need a cold shower. I can say that without giving too much away."

Benjamin Hollingsworth

In addition to the tease about the romantic storylines heating up, Hollingsworth confirmed a tease we'd already received about season 6: There will be even more Mel and Jack. The actor divulged his most cryptic tease about the new season by saying, "I think people will be very happy with how the show is returning to its roots of the relationship-driven show."

Season 5 felt like the show's biggest yet in terms of scope and storytelling, bringing the Charmaine twist to a close as well as the crime angle, though those stories appear to be taking on a new life. The fifth season also tackled some of the show's most gripping stories yet, like with the wildfire and Mel's tragic miscarriage. Returning to its roots will bring back some much-needed levity.

Speaking of levity, Hollingsworth gives some hope to the Brady and Brie shippers, waxing poetic about their chemistry and "spice." Check out his hopeful quote about the couple:

"I think there’s something between Brie and Brady that’s so unlike many characters you see on TV, but very much so on Virgin River. They have this spice and this energy and this chemistry between them that really is this perfect mix of sweet, sour, whatever you want to call it. But I think that they both complement each other really well."

Benjamin Hollingsworth

As for the Brady and Brie of it all, Hollingsworth's latest quote echoes sentiments much of the cast and crew have shared after season 5. They might be broken up, but their story isn't over yet. He also hinted that the exes will "[cross] paths a few times" in season 6. Could one of those times be a steamy reunion, given the actor's other comments about heat? We'll have to wait and see!

Virgin River season 6 will premiere sometime in 2025. All five seasons are available to watch only on Netflix.

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