Vikings receiver Justin Jefferson has the most relatable guilty habit

Star Vikings wide receiver Justin Jefferson revealed his guilty habit in Netflix's Receiver and we've never related more with the star wideout!
Los Angeles Premiere Of Netflix's New Sports Series "Receiver"
Los Angeles Premiere Of Netflix's New Sports Series "Receiver" / Frazer Harrison/GettyImages

Justin Jefferson might be an elite athlete, but at the end of the day, he’s actually more like you and me than you might expect. 

Early in the second episode of Netflix’s new sports docuseries Receiver, Jefferson admits to being a quiet person who doesn’t exactly like being in the spotlight which might seem strange for an NFL star knowing for their flashy touchdown dances but as Jefferson reveals he uses his “Jets” persona to help him put on a show for fans. 

Not only is Jefferson more of an introvert than an extrovert, but he also shares a guilty habit that many fans share: a sweet tooth and a love of candy! 

Justin Jefferson is obsessed with candy 

Turns out Justin Jefferson has quite the sweet tooth and has quite the supply of candy and sweets in his house to snack on be it in the morning or as a late night snack. During the second episode of Receiver, Jefferson laughed off his love of sweets which he jokingly blamed on his mom, Elaine. 

“I’m still a youngin' at heart so you gotta have a snack. Candy is me. Bruh, that’s me. I eat candy in the morning. I eat candy at nighttime,” Jefferson confessed as he shared his love of candy before throwing some friendly shade at his mom for being the one to blame. “To be honest, it’s really not my fault. It’s not my fault. It’s my mom’s fault. I’m blaming my mom. I’m sorry, Mom, I’m really blaming you.” 

As Jefferson’s mom, Elaine, explained through laughter in a cutaway scene, “He’s a candy lover. I did get the candy for this house, but it’s for his friends, not for him.”

And it seems Jefferson’s mom definitely keeps his house well stocked with sweets of all kinds! After showing us some jars filled with candy, Jefferson took fans into his kitchen where he revealed his sweet stash filled with Sour Patch, chocolate, cinnamon pretzels, and countless other sweet treats to curb his cravings. 

“While I can, I’m gonna continue to eat candy, eat the junk food while my body’s still young. There is gonna come a time when that’s gonna have to stop for me,” Jefferson reasoned with his love for candy and sweets, and hey we absolutely agree! 

Everyone loves a good sweet from time to time and it’s not like Jefferson isn’t in amazing shape and burning countless calories a week with his strenuous workouts and practice drills. So we say let the man eat cake or whatever sweets he desires and live that best life!

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