This week's Netflix highlights: Trigger Warning and 4 new releases to watch (June 17-21)

Jessica Alba's out for blood, Perfect Match season 2 ends, and more new releases to watch on Netflix this week!
Trigger Warning. Jessica Alba as Parker in Trigger Warning. Cr. Netflix ©2024.
Trigger Warning. Jessica Alba as Parker in Trigger Warning. Cr. Netflix ©2024. /

Did you know that this week marks the official first day of summer? That's right, June 20 is the first day of summer in 2024, and checking out some of the week's must-watch Netflix new releases is the best way to celebrate the new season. Well, okay, maybe you could go to the beach or something, but why would you do that when you could watch Jessica Alba's new movie?

The week also brings back a fan-favorite series to Netflix, and it's going to make for a killer binge-watch. Also on tap for the inaugural week of summer, a family-friendly title that makes for an excellent double feature with another movie on Netflix and a not-so-family-friendly reality series comes to an end with its season finale. Here are four can't-miss new Netflix releases coming this week!

Jessica Alba kicks butt in Trigger Warning

Trigger Warning. (Featured) Jessica Alba as Parker in Trigger Warning. Cr. Ursula Coyote/Netflix ©2024. /

It's all about women taking action this summer on Netflix! Jennifer Lopez warmed us up with the larger-than-life sci-fi flick Atlas, which was a huge hit, and now Jessica Alba will be kicking all the butts in the action drama Trigger Warning. In the movie, she plays a grieving daughter and a Special Forces commando returning home to figure out the truth about her father's passing. Alba looks to be right at home with hand-to-hand combat and the dramatic center of the movie. The exciting and thrilling trailer will pull you in! Do not miss this one on Friday, June 21!

Dexter returns to Netflix

Michael C. Hall as Dexter Morgan in Dexter (Season 1, episode 1) - Photo: Courtesy of Showtime - Photo ID: DEX_101_PLT_1133 /

Guess who's back on Netflix? Dexter Morgan! As of Wednesday, June 19, all eight seasons of the Showtime drama series Dexter will be available to watch on Netflix. The series stars Michael C. Hall as a crime scene expert who moonlights as a serial killer who takes out bad guys who got away. Dexter ran between 2006 and 2013, and even returned for a limited series revival in 2021 called Dexter: New Blood. More series in the franchise are in development, including a prequel series called Dexter: Original Sin starring a Shadow and Bone star. See where it all began this week on Netflix!

The Lego Batman Movie is something new for kids

The Lego Movie landed on Netflix on June 1 and has been a popular entry in the daily top 10 most popular movie ranking. Well, it's looking it's going to continue to chart in the top 10 as The Lego Batman Movie swoops in to join The Lego Movie on Netflix on June 19. The spinoff movie centers on Batman (voiced by Will Arnett) as he attempts to bring down The Joker. Relive the fun and hilarious movie with the whole family, perhaps back-to-back with the first movie, this week on Netflix!

Perfect Match season 2 crowns a winner

Perfect Match. Stevan Ditter in episode 207 of Perfect Match. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2024 /

The second season of Netflix's popular reality dating competition series Perfect Match has been a hit, but it all comes down to this week with the season finale airing on Friday, June 21. A winning couple will be crowned in the season's final episode, and it's going to be an interesting watch given all the drama that has already gone down this season. If you have been hooked since the premiere episode, you're going to want to watch the finale the second it drops to find out who wins!

What will you be watching on Netflix this week?