The Trust: A Game of Greed release schedule, prize, and rules explained

Netflix's bold new game show pits 11 strangers against each other with a single choice: Split a quarter of a million dollars evenly, or vote each other out for more money?
The Trust - Environmental Photo - Cr: Netflix
The Trust - Environmental Photo - Cr: Netflix /

If you haven't yet had your fill of money-centric reality television after Squid Game: The Challenge, then you're in luck because Netflix has another show on the way this January. The Trust: A Game of Greed takes a unique Big Brother-lite concept of placing 11 strangers together into a house and making them fight over money.

The rules of The Trust: A Game of Greed are pretty simple. The contestants are provided with a quarter of a million dollars to split evenly and then given the option of walking away with their fair share or voting each other out to keep more money for themselves. Former CNN correspondent and American journalist Brooke Baldwin will host the game show.

Here's the rundown:

  • There is a total of $250,000 at play.
  • Every episode, players are given the chance to vote someone out.
  • No one has to be voted out, but a single vote will send another player home unless there is a tie or no votes cast at all.
  • Voting is anonymous.

The trailer for the show, which you can watch for yourself below, teases just how heated things get in the house as people are faced with tough decisions, form alliances, and combat mistrust.

The Trust: A Game of Greed episode release schedule

As is the case with many of Netflix's reality shows, The Trust: A Game of Greed will be released weekly. There are a total of eight episodes, all about 55 minutes long. The first four will drop on Wednesday, Jan. 10, 2024.

Here's the release schedule:

  • Batch 1 (episodes 1-4) premieres on Jan. 10
  • Batch 2 (episodes 5-7) premieres on Jan. 17
  • Batch 3 (episode 8) premieres on Jan. 24

Add The Trust: A Game of Greed to your Netflix watchlist here and tune in on January 10. Stay tuned to Netflix Life for more info and updates on the series and other Netflix reality shows!

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