The Tearsmith ending explained: Nica and Rigel finally end up together after all the unresolved sexual tension

The Tearsmith
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The Tearsmith is a new romantic drama film streaming on Netflix. If you read the book it's based on, you're likely looking forward to watching the movie adaptation. Well, we've already watched the entire film and enjoyed every last second. It's easily one of the best Netflix teen movies to be released so far in 2024.

Based on Erin Doom's bestselling novel of the same name, The Tearsmith tells the complicated love story of two teens with troubled pasts. Nica and Rigel grew up together in the Sunnycreek Orphanage, or what they like to call it, The Grave, a place run by a strict and abusive matron named Margaret. They didn't necessarily get along, though. Nica dreams of one day leaving the orphanage and being adopted. Her dream eventually comes true when a lovely couple shows up one day and adopts her. But then they decide to adopt Rigel as well, and she's forced to live with him once again under the same roof.

While she tries her best to steer clear of Rigel, she can't resist this magnetic pull she feels towards him. Rigel is just as enamored with her even though he tries his hardest to act like he doesn't care. Throughout the film, viewers eagerly wait for the two to stop resisting and get together. But do they?

If you want to know how things wrap up in the film, all you need to do is continue reading. We shared a breakdown of what happened at the end of The Tearsmith right below.

MAJOR spoilers ahead from The Tearsmith on Netflix!

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How does The Tearsmith end?

We loved seeing the will-they-won't-they trope play out between the two main characters. There was so much sexual tension that they were constantly resisting, but their emotions eventually ran high, and they couldn't fight what they were feeling for each other any longer. So, yes, Nica and Rigel do finally get together and end the movie as a couple.

Things change between them the night that Rigel gets into a fight with Lionel. Rigel returns home and Nica confronts him about the fight. However, they're unable to continue their conversation since Rigel has a fever. Nica takes him to his room where she cares for him. He asks her to stay in his bed for the night, and that's when things begin to heat up. He begins passionately touching and kissing all over her body. They eventually fall asleep, but wake up the next morning at it again. They're forced to stop after their adoptive parents return home.

Days later, Rigel's birthday comes around and Nica is unable to get him a gift. She apologizes to him, and tells him that she'll do whatever he wants. This leads to them being intimate again before Rigel breaks things off with her. The next day is the school dance and Nica and Rigel aren't on talking terms. Nica goes to the dance with her friends and ends up dancing with Lionel. After dancing for a while, Lionel takes her to an unoccupied classroom where he sexually assaults her.

Suddenly, Rigel bursts into the classroom and pushes Lionel off of Nica. He tussles with him for a bit before he let's him go. Lionel runs off, but promises to get him back. Rigel then walks up to Nica and comforts her. This leads to them hooking up in the classroom. They eventually leave the dance together and walk home. But on their way home, Lionel trails them in his car. As they run away, Lionel speeds up in his car. To avoid being hit, they jump off a bridge into the water. But while Nica is able to stay above the water, Rigel starts to sink down quickly.

The next scene shows Nica waking up in a hospital. She finds out that Rigel is in a coma after the accident. She also finally finds out what health condition he has which is neuromas in his brain. This is why he has to take medicine and randomly has fevers and headaches. Her adoptive parents then inform her that Rigel has rejected the adoption and is now back in the care of Margaret. She tries to talk Margaret into letting her see him, but she doesn't allow it.

Days pass, and Rigel is still recovering in the hospital. Nica wants to put a stop to Margaret once and for all. So, she informs the authorities of the abuse that she and many other kids suffered at the hands of Margaret at the orphanage. After several court proceedings, Nica wins the case and Margaret is taken down for her crimes. With this good news, she runs to the hospital to tell Rigel. She tells him she loves him while tears fall from her eyes. As she lays her head on his legs, Rigel suddenly wakes up. They stare into each other's eyes with pure love. The movie then cuts to sometime in the future, with Nica and Rigel still together, but now they have a new addition to their family. A daughter.

That's how The Tearsmith comes to an end, and what a beautiful way to wrap up the story.

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