The funniest Cameron Diaz movie is now on Netflix in July 2024

No, not There's Something About Mary.
The Sweetest Thing Film Premiere
The Sweetest Thing Film Premiere / Evan Agostini/GettyImages

Later this year, Cameron Diaz will make her long-anticipated return to acting following her decade-long retirement in the Netflix original movie Back in Action. But before she teams up with Jamie Foxx in the action comedy in November, one of Diaz's most underrated and downright raunchiest romantic comedies just landed on Netflix for streaming in July 2024.

No, I'm not talking about the heavily quoted Ben Stiller rom-com There's Something About Mary. Rather, I'm talking about a movie that's actually underrated, perhaps to a criminal extent. Okay, that's a little dramatic, but that's just how funny and nostalgic The Sweetest Thing is compared to the star's other romantic comedies. Yes, it's really that good.

In the movie, Diaz plays Christina Walters, a serial dater who avoids getting into a serious relationship at all costs. She prioritizes having fun in the moment over making a lasting and real commitment with a man. That methodology becomes her downfall when she meets Peter (Thomas Jane) during a night out at the club and actually makes a striking connection. When she misses her chance, she and her best friend Courtney (Christina Applegate) hit the road to track him down.

Watch a preview of the hilarious mishaps during their road trip to love in the trailer below!

The Sweetest Thing also stars Selma Blair as Christina and Courtney's friend Jane, Jason Bateman as Peter's brother Roger, and Parker Posey as Peter's bride-to-be Judy. From top to bottom, the 2002 movie boasts some of the most talented comedic performers of the time. Parker Posey?! Christina Applegate?! Jason Bateman?! You're going to be in tears from beginning to end.

Unfortunately, the cut of the movie currently streaming on Netflix in July 2024 doesn't include the fan-favorite and super-NSFW scene featuring "The Penis Song," an addition to the unrated version of the movie released on DVD. It's a hilarious song performed by Diaz, Applegate, and Blair in a Chinese restaurant while talking about... well, the title of the song says it all.

But the movie's still plenty raunchy as one of the few female-fronted R-rated comedies from the 2000s era, and a rare R-rated movie from that era that's not riddled with misogyny (well, not completely, at least) and male gaze nudity. That likely has to do with Nancy Pimental's script and Roger Kumble's direction. And it's likely why the movie, which holds a 26% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, wasn't appreciated upon release.

When it comes down to it, The Sweetest Thing won't be for everyone, but it should be. Diaz, Applegate, and Blair have unbeatable chemistry as a comedy trio and honestly, Applegate steals the show as the ultimate rom-com best friend who doesn't feel relegated to the sidelines. It's also an outlandish road trip movie that's the perfect summer escape. Don't take this movie too seriously, just enjoy the ride, and it will be the sweetest movie night treat.

Watch The Sweetest Thing on Netflix while it's available!