Bring on the horror! The Platform 2 sets October release date on Netflix

The Platform Key Art
Image Courtesy Netflix
The Platform Key Art Image Courtesy Netflix /

After over four years, fans will finally get to see the highly anticipated sequel to the hit Spanish sci-fi horror The Platform. Yes, you read that right. The film is titled The Platform 2, and it's set to be released on Netflix just in time for the best season of the year, aka spooky season. Mark your calendar and clear your schedule because The Platform 2 is headed to Netflix on Oct. 4, 2024!

When The Platform was released on Netflix back in March 2020, it became an instant hit. At the time, Netflix reported that the film had been watched by 56 million households over its first four weeks of release. Due to its popularity, talks were being had about a sequel. However, we didn't receive a major update about a second movie until May 2023 when it was reported that production had started.

It was revealed that Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia would be returning to direct and Milena Smit (The Snow Girl) and Hovik Keuchkerian (Money Heist) would be starring. Netflix also shared some photos of Milena and Hovik on the set of The Platform 2 via one of its X accounts. You can check them out below.

New cast additions were announced later such as Natalia Tena (Game of Thrones) and Óscar Jaenada (Luis Miguel: The Series). However, it's unknown at the moment who each cast member will be playing in the film.

The first movie was set in a vertical prison called "The Pit," where inmates are assigned to various levels and fed via a platform that gradually descends through the facility's levels, stopping for a fixed amount of time on each. But the prison's structure isn't fair, with the top levels getting the first pick of food and those below receiving the leftovers. This, of course, leads to conflict within the prison and a fight for survival for the lower levels.

In The Platform 2, the story takes place once again in The Pit, where a new batch of inmates are imprisoned and are trying to fight the brutal and unjust feeding system. We shared the movie's official synopsis via Netflix below.

"As a mysterious leader imposes their rule in the Platform, a new resident becomes embroiled in the battle against this controversial method to fight the brutal feeding system. But when eating from the wrong plate becomes a death sentence, how far would you be willing to go to save your life?"

Take a look at the thrilling teaser trailer below for a sneak peek and to see the cast in action!

I don't know about you, but I'm even more pumped up to see this sequel after watching the teaser. An official trailer should be released closer to the release date. It'll most likely drop by the end of September. Don't worry. We'll make sure to come back and share it with you once it's released. So, stay tuned to Netflix Life!

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