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The Gentlemen episode 8 recap: The Gospel According to Bobby Glass

John "The Gospel" Dixon doesn't waste any time pulling up to the Halstead manor, prepared to get revenge for his brother's death by killing Freddy. Bobby calls Susie and tells her that she's behind on the news cycle and thus, Eddie did not sell them out. But it's too late for her to fix her mistake. Still, she does tell Eddie the cavalry is on the way.

It ends up not mattering because Bobby calls The Gospel directly and makes him clear out, promising to make it worth his while. He then informs Eddie and Susie that he's tired of the business and wants to sell, recruiting them to go find him the best offers and have the bidders send him their offer via carrier pigeon. He's old school like that.

With Eddie and Susie back on the same team, they go to people like Stanley Johnston, Sticky Pete, and Mercy Moreno to get the offers. Eddie then stumbles upon his brother playing with a carrier pigeon. Freddy wants to invest, too. Eddie talks him out of it, but during their conversation, Freddy says that while this line of work might be for him, it's definitely for Eddie. He should embrace it. He's good at it.

Eddie takes his brother's advice and chooses to make an offer for the business himself, even getting his mother to agree with his decision. He and Susie get the other 12 estate lords to chip in a percentage and pool the money before ultimately meeting with Bobby Glass again. Bobby actually chooses Stanley Johnston's offer, as it's easily the highest, but we learn that Eddie and Susie prepared for that, too. Eddie reactivated Henry Collins and uses him to pull Stanley's tax records, sending them to local authorities who arrest Stanley for multiple counts of tax evasion, resulting in all of his assets getting frozen.

Then they tell Mercy that Sticky Pete won the bet and she warns them her South American superiors won't be happy. They tell her where to find Pete and Mercy kills him in a parking garage. Then they have Collins kill Mercy, thus eliminating the competition. Bobby reveals that he never really intended to retired and only wanted to activate Eddie and Susie, give them a purpose and have them invest in this business so they can all work together to expand their empire. He thinks Eddie is meant for this, more than a captain, he's a general who excels at giving orders. Now Eddie and Susie are truly partners along with Bobby.

And as part of their new agreement, Eddie gives Susie a gift—Henry Collins, gagged and bound. Susie asks if he wants to do the honors, as part of his "journey." He shoots Henry dead. The series ends with another look at Bobby Glass in prison, guess who he'll now be spending lots of time with? Stanley Johnston. And that's our season 2 hook!

Also, the little subplot with Charly and Geoff does get some closure with Charly figuring out the truth and Geoff finally admitting he's her bio dad. He says he was afraid she'd be ashamed of him, but Charly thinks he's the best man she's ever known and he practically raised her anyway. Awe.

There we have it and our recaps come to an end. If the show returns it looks like we'll get to see plenty more of Susie and Eddie working together as they plan to build and expand the marijuana enterprise. Their partnership is really the core of the show so I look forward to seeing it.

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