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The Gentlemen episode 7 recap: Not Without Danger

Oh boy, the penultimate episode of The Gentlemen introduces several significant moments that set us up for a serious showdown in the finale between Susie and Eddie.

The episode begins in the immediate aftermath of Jack Glass' boxing match against Henry Collins' ringer. Jack is currently in a coma in the hospital and Eddie visits Susie at her apartment, after getting her address from Jimmy, to apologize for what happened with Jack and Collins. He assures Susie he can fix things with Collins and make it right.

For Susie, that's not good enough. She wants vengeance. So she recruits her foot soldier Blanket to help her get revenge on Collins in a very Godfather-esque hunt for his men. Her dad, Bobby, isn't happy with Susie getting all this blood on her hands. He tells her to stop killing people, go home, relax, and he'll take care of Collins.

Eddie takes another meeting with Stanley Johnston's right-hand man Stevens to come to terms on their deal. Stevens wants Eddie to get him a list of the lords who own the estates that harbor the Glass family's 12 other grow houses.

Back at the Halstead manor, Charly arrives for an impromptu visit. She's pregnant and needs a place to stay for a bit. Geoff escorts her into the manor and, yes, it's confirmed that Geoff is Charly's real biological father. He and Sabrina have been keeping Charly's paternity secret for years.

Eddie learns from his mother that a few years ago, there was a big dinner hosted with all 13 of the lords hosted by one of them, a man named Tibsy with whom Freddy is familiar. Eddie and Freddy make for Tibsy's estate and are rather shocked to find the entire place in disarray, taken over by a group of sketchy guys I'm assuming are low-level dealers.

See, Tibsy refused to continue his contract with the Glass family and lost everything because of it. The mess of his estate is what could happen to the Horniman family if they're not careful. But their trip is a success, Eddie retrieves Tibsy's diary containing the name, though not without having to forfeit his watch (and Freddy's pants) to one of the men terrorizing Tibsy.

Outside the manor, Freddy and Eddie have another confrontation where Freddy admits he wanted Eddie dead and that he conferred with Susie at the boxing match. Eddie is clearly really hurt by this confession, especially since he's been taking care of Freddy and cleaning up his messes their entire life. Freddy apologizes for his recent behavior, but this is a serious fracture in their already tense relationship.

We pivot to Susie's apartment where she's just sitting down to enjoy some takeout when she gets a threatening phone call from Henry Collins. He's pissed that Susie has been going after his men and promises to take her out when he gets the go-ahead from his boss. Seeing as Collins somehow now knows where she lives, she goes to Eddie to find out where he got her address and Eddie points to Jimmy.

They follow-up with Jimmy to see if he told anyone else where Susie lives and yeah, Gabrielle, who Eddie and Susie finally meet. With a gun pointed at her head, Susie forces Gabrielle to tell them everything. We learn that she's a hired gun who has been working for Stanley Johnston all along. Johnston has been behind all the hiccups in Susie's business, well, specifically Stevens who does the actual groundwork for his boss.

Stevens was the man who set the delivery van full of weed on fire and instructed Florian de Groot to stop transport to Europe. He also enlisted Keith as one of his other inside men and he's the one who was on the other end of the phone call with Henry Collins in the previous episode. That said, apparently Collins did go too far with the whole Jack Glass thing. He was never supposed to send Jack to the hospital. In short, Johnston has been playing games this whole time and he is coming for Bobby Glass's business, hard.

Susie asks Eddie if he's with her and he assures her is, but, in secret, he's gone behind her back to give Stevens the list of names. It seems like Eddie has made his choice, to get in bad with Stanley Johnston due to their promises that the Hornimans will be able to extract themselves from the marijuana business once Johnston's takeover is complete. As soon as Eddie hands over Tibsy's diary, Stevens gives Collins the green light to do whatever he wants re: Susie.

As we know, though, Susie is smart and she's prepared for Collins at the hospital. She and Blanket kill his men and prepare to finish off Collins when he reveals the truth: Eddie has been working with Johnston, she's been played.

The thing is, though, I don't think Eddie really betrayed Susie. After he hands the diary over to Stevens, he visits Bobby Glass directly in prison. We don't hear their full conversation yet, but Eddie tells him straight-up that he went to Johnston, yet also mentions he has some kind of plan in mind.

Well, sadly, Susie doesn't confer with Eddie before making her next move, which is to dial up John "The Gospel" Dixon from the second episode and tell him the truth: that Eddie and Freddy killed his brother and then covered it up.