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The Gentlemen episode 6 recap: All Eventualities

Seeing as Geoff was one of the first people to warn Eddie about the Glass family, it makes sense why Eddie would turn to him when things start to sour between himself and Susie in light of what he now knows about Jethro. Geoff advises Eddie to keep playing friendly for now, but in secret, prepare for all eventualities.

Eddie calls a meeting with Susie to ask her for an update on the status of her leaving his property. She wants to pocket at least another £15 million before then, meaning they need to meet with her guy Chucky, who washes her money for her (as in, money laundering) since it cannot be considered profit until its been properly washed. Susie sets a timeline of about three months.

Sensing Eddie's agitation, Susie fast-tracks a meeting with Chucky. They attend her brother Jack's latest boxing match where Chucky is in attendance, as is the smooth-talking boxing promoter Henry Collins (Max Beesley). Susie introduces Henry to Eddie.

Susie and Eddie get their chance to chat with Chucky, an odd guy with an interest in unconventional business ventures like Korean corn dogs. Chucky says he can wash £15 million in four months, that's too long for Eddie. But then it turns out not to matter because Jack Glass is caught having sex with Chucky's girl, Stella. Chucky tells her, in no uncertain terms, to go f**k herself. But Susie isn't rattled, she assures Eddie she'll get things sorted.

After the match and subsequent fallout, Eddie goes out for a drink with Susie and Jack where they run into Henry again. This time, Eddie takes a one-on-one with Henry and the two bond over their shared army background. Like Eddie, Henry is an ex-army man and he obliges Eddie's request to find a different money launderer now that Chucky is out (and neither man was impressed with him to begin with).

From there, Eddie goes to a different bar to meet with Princess Roseanne. He admits he's gotten himself into a situation he might not be able to get out of and wants her to put him in touch with Stanley Johnston once more.

The following day, Chucky posts a bunch of anti-Jack stuff on social media, calling on his friends and followers to take matters into their own hands. Susie tells Eddie she's working on things, but for now, she needs Eddie to let Jack lie low at his place for a few days ahead of his next big fight so that Chucky and his minions don't decommission him.

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While all of this is happening, Freddy has been cooking up his latest harebrained scheme with Jimmy. Crack weed. Basically, sativa seeds grown with coca leaves and over time it harnesses properties of the cocaine, etc. Freddy believes it to be a genius plan, but Eddie tells him he's trying to untangle this mess, not shove them deeper into it. With this idea, Freddy thinks maybe they should maintain their relationship with Susie and not push them off the land. Yeah, no. Eddie makes it clear he won't change his mind. He wants the marijuana business off their land. End of story.

Henry Collins makes good on his agreement with Eddie, introducing him to a money launderer who goes by Thick Rick. A former accountant, Rick knows his stuff and has been washing money for Henry. He's reliable and his commission is reasonable. Plus, he can get the £15 million washed in two weeks vs. months.

Susie does stick to her word though, and she fixes things with Chucky. We don't see how, but we do see Chucky fervently apologizing to her, which makes it seem like she threatened him somehow. While waiting for Chucky to come retrieve the money, he gets a call from Stanley Johnston's assistant who says his boss is excited about an idea for an alternate proposal and wants to schedule a meeting ASAP.

Chucky and his guy show up at the Halstead manor to take the money. Chucky is more interested in airing out old grievances than he is doing his job. He starts ranting about how Eddie treated him last time they met and even tries forcing him to eat one of his damn corn dogs.

The final blow comes when Chucky informs Eddie that Susie told him he could take his time washing the money, three-four months, doesn't matter. That doesn't go over well, as you might imagine. Eddie throws some punches and takes the money to Collins and his man instead. Then he informs Susie he's made an executive decision and will use Henry Collins to wash the money because he can get it done quicker.

During Eddie and Susie's next meeting, they finally lay their cards on the table. Susie admits she had Jethro killed and that she and her father are never letting Eddie out of their arrangement. Eddie warns Susie that she's underestimating him because there is nothing he won't do to protect his family. Susie, in turn, reveals that thus far, Eddie has only seen her nice side, but she certainly has a not-so-nice side. Looks like we're done with all the pleasantries.

Susie goes to the ring to support Jack in his next fight, while Eddie takes his meeting with Stanley. Eddie pretty much sells his soul to Stanley, saying he's willing to do whatever it takes at this point to get what he wants. Despite everything, though, Eddie still doesn't want more bloodshed if he can avoid it, so he asks Stanley to agree to this deal with as little friction as possible.

Enter Freddy, likely about to mess everything up yet again. He tracks Susie down at the club to discuss his new strain of weed. And here we have Freddy low-key selling out his brother to try and make a deal with the Glass family as he mentions that if something were to happen to Eddie, the estate would go to him. Susie closes out her conversation with Freddy by telling him that she would do anything to protect her brother. The warning seems somewhat ominous and random, but we get more context when Henry Collins makes a weird phone call to an unnamed person about "pushing the first domino."

Henry then invites Susie to see him and notes that when he sees a chance to expand his business, he jumps on it. Henry has calculated just how much money the Glass family business makes, which is over one billion pounds, and Henry wants it. In a particularly sinister scene, Henry informs Susie that he is taking over her business and she has two paths, the one of least resistance or the difficult one that might result in the loss of her brother's life.

See, Henry fixed the fight and even though Susie delivers an impressive speech of her own about Henry underestimating her, it kinda looks like he's won by the episode's end as Jack is rushed to a hospital due to Henry's ringer seriously injuring him and Susie finds herself alone with a difficult decision to make, though I imagine she'd rather go to war.