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The Gentlemen episode 5 recap: I've Hundreds of Cousins

Susie visits with her father to discuss the development of the business, specifically as it pertains to Eddie and his involvement. Bobby doesn't think Eddie truly wants them off his property, thinks he's developed a taste for criminality. Instructing Susie to keep him in line, Bobby makes it clear that there is no walking away from this business and if Eddie tries to, then he'll chop his head off.

On the heels of her conversation with Bobby, Susie offers Eddie a long-term position within their criminal empire. Eddie remains adamant that he wants out. For now, she recruits Eddie's "military expertise" on a new task, to get a second opinion on a sketchy Belgian guy named Florian de Groot, who is causing a hold-up in Susie's product where they export it through his port in Belgium.

De Groot blames it on Brexit, demanding £1.5 million to keep things running smoothly. Based on watching De Groot's body language, Eddie determines that De Groot is messing with them, that he likely tipped off the border police and is now using that as leverage to hike up Susie's fee to almost double the amount.

Their negotiations are interrupted when a mysterious crew suddenly cuts the power and pulls off a heist to steal the farm's generators. Eddie, Geoff, and Blanket intercept the theft and catch a woman named Kellie Ann Ward and two young kids.

She gives them a bleeding heart story about needing the generators because theirs were stolen and she needs the electricity to heat her home and keep her family safe. Out of charity, Eddie allows them to take one generator and Geoff warns him that the Ward family are big in these parts, with hundreds of cousins all with business ventures such as dog fight, cockfighting, and more. They could be a problem. With the lights back on, Eddie convinces Susie to give De Groot what he wants temporarily until they figure out an alternative.

Eddie and Susie pay a visit to the Ward family caravan to receive assurances they'll stay off the Halstead property. It's not that simple though, the Wards have figured out there is a weed farm on the Halstead estate and they want in. Susie initially declines, but Eddie tells her to reconsider. This could solve their De Groot problem if the Wards are able to take over distribution and get their product into Europe. Susie and Eddie meet with the Ward family head JP at the Halstead manor to discuss terms.

After partying with the Wards, they make a deal and Eddie drunkenly agrees to let the Ward caravan park it on their estate for a few days, much to his mother's annoyance. The plan is for the Wards to pack a bunch of statues of the virgin Mary with the product and transfer it across the border.

We pivot to an interesting scene between Lady Sabrina and Geoff where they watch as Kellie Ann takes to one of the Halstead family's horses. They watch her ride and it reminds Sabrina of Charly, the implication from their conversation being that Geoff is Charly's biological father.

De Groot meets with his contact to hand over intel on Susie's new transport enterprise. An unnamed man assures De Groot he'll take care of it. And more problems arise when Eddie returns to the estate. Susie informs him that someone has stolen £4 million from them. Obviously, their first assumption is that JP and the Wards stole it. JP doesn't take kindly to that accusation. Susie has her men install CCTV and security. But Eddie thinks that De Groot could be behind this, as he'd have the most to benefit from wrecking Susie's new transportation setup with the Wards.

Eddie and Susie kick things up a notch, calling De Groot to a meeting at a restaurant where they poison his food and only intend to give him the antidote if he reveals whoever he's working for, and thus the person who would have stolen from him. Well, we learn that the person who stole from Susie is one of her own men, Keith. Eddie gives JP his name to make up for accusing him in the first place, allowing the Wards to deal with the guy who tried to frame them.

They shoot Keith, but not before he sows some discord between Eddie and Susie by revealing what really happened to Jethro. Eddie is clearly upset by this revelation, especially since Keith tells him that he's never getting out of all of this. He's in too deep now. Meanwhile, Susie confers with her father again and they agree that Keith is just a symptom of a larger threat and they need to figure out who is behind all the stuff that's been going on lately (stolen weed, stolen money, etc.).