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Breaking down and explaining all eight episodes of Netflix series The Gentlemen.

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The Gentlemen episode 4 recap: An Unsympathetic Gentleman

Something I'm really starting to appreciate about The Gentlemen is that it has a little bit of a procedural/case-of-the-week approach that's been missing from many of these streaming-era binge shows. Sure, there is an overarching plotline, but each episode has also had its own (mostly) self-contained story to tell in which Eddie and Susie end up taking on various criminals in pursuit of their different, but aligned, goals.

In the fourth installment, the duo is faced with a strange situation in which Eddie must track down a blackmailer to potentially pawn off the Glass marijuana industry on another royal nearby. Beginning with a naked man opening fire on a group of tourists, the fourth episode then introduces us to the Bassington family. Said naked man was Lord Bassington VIII and his passing means that his son, Max (Freddie Fox) will inherit the family's estate and fortune.

Eddie senses a potential opportunity here after Princess Roseanne, who was also in attendance, tells him that things aren't going so well for the Bassington family. Eddie suggests a business proposal involving moving the marijuana business to his estate. In exchange, Max wants Eddie to retrieve some very damaging files pertaining to his father from a blackmailer.

The blackmailer in question is a former journalist named Frank (John Thomson). After some unfortunate mishaps, Eddie and Susie track Frank down to his house and take him with them to Max's so he can hand over the damaging documents in person in exchange for the money. Initially, Eddie doesn't intend to look into the envelope, saying it's none of his business, but then Frank reveals that he wasn't blackmailing Max's father, but Max himself.

Wanting to know who they're potentially getting into business with, Susie and Eddie press Max for more information, so he leads them into a secret room hidden behind a bookcase that empties out into what essentially amounts to a shrine of Adolf Hitler.

It turns out Max is obsessed with Hitler and a proud Nazi. He has a collection of Hitler's art and a lot of other... unsavory items, such as Hitler's right testicle, preserved in formaldehyde for 80+ years. Susie isn't necessarily planning to shut it all down, it means now she has leverage and has a "special rate" for people like Max. But then Frank tries to record the shrine with his phone and all hell breaks loose, guns get drawn, and ultimately the episode ends with yet another body between Susie and Eddie after Eddie tosses a grenade at Max. And with that, Eddie is back to square one, or so he thinks.

In reality, while all of this is happening, Lady Sabrina and Geoff visit the neighboring estate belonging to Mr. Rokes. He's fallen on hard times as of late and Sabrina is able to convince him to use his 200+ acres to make space for the marijuana plantation. Eddie laments he's done unspeakable things in the last 48 hours and his mother has apparantly solved everything over a glass of sherry. Susie agrees to a meeting with this Rokes fellow.

And elsewhere, poor Jimmy continues being duped by Gabrielle, who convinces him to take her into Susie's growhouse. Jimmy also reveals that there are 12 others throughout the country, some even bigger than the one he's in charge of. I'm assuming this is not going to end well for Jimmy.