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The Gentlemen episode 3 recap: Where's My Weed At?

Susie's weed guy Jimmy (Michael Vu) goes on a little adventure in The Gentlemen episode 3, one that ends with a significant portion of Susie's supply getting nabbed by a mysterious new group of characters.

Jimmy is on his merry little way (stoned out of his mind) to deliver a weed haul to one of Susie's many customers, this time, Tonibler (Cameron Cook), yes that's really his name, when he stops at a local fast-food joint to satisfy his munchies. There, he bonds with a beautiful woman named Gabrielle (Ruby Sear) over banana shakes and cheesy rings, only to not notice when Gabrielle swaps his keys.

By the time Jimmy makes his way back to the Halstead estate through a hallucinogenic adventure that includes hitchhiking and shrooms, he's recuperating in Geoff's house when Susie questions him about what happened on the trip. With the weed missing, now Susie is in the hole to Tonibler and to make amends, she agrees to steal an expensive car, specifically a Lamborghini Huracán, for him from a dealer.

Well, more specifically, Susie recruits Eddie to assist her in this endeavor in exchange for setting a specific date that she'll be off the estate by and a specific number to aim toward for this supposed promised "increased profitability."

With that squared away, Eddie recruits Freddy to assist him with the grand theft auto. The plan is for Freddy and his wife Tamsin, or "Wham Tam," as they call her, to disguise themselves as prospective buyers and distract the owner, Mercy (Martha Millan), while Eddie slips in an copies the keys to the Lamborghini. For some reason, Freddy puts on a ridiculous accent to get Tamsin test driving a car that keeps everyone in the facility occupied so Eddie has the chance to go unnoticed and make the copy. In the process, he finds a severed finger tucked inside a drawer.

Once the recon part of the mission is finished, Eddie mentions the finger to Susie. It's worth noting that Mercy and her people might be more dangerous than Tonibler told them and that becomes evident later when Susie does some digging and finds she's got some serious Colombian muscle behind her.

Regardless, Eddie and Freddy return later to actually do the stealing. But Eddie gets distracted when he hears a man's cry for help, specifically the owner of said severed finger. He rescues him and drives out of the lot in the stolen car, unaware that Freddy ignored his warning to go home and has now been kidnapped by Mercy's crew.

We learn that the guy Eddie kidnapped was hired to do the same job that Eddie was hired for by Tonibler and he freaks out when he realizes Eddie doesn't know what he's gotten himself into. It turns out that Tonibler wanted the car stolen because the trunk is stuffed with over £1 million worth of cocaine. Mercy is pissed about the theft. Susie thinks they can make a peace offering with her by returning the cocaine and offering up Tonibler in exchange for Freddy.

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It mostly works according to plan, except we get to see just how unhinged Mercy is as she brutally murders Tonibler with a machete while Freddy is tied to a chair and forced to watch. He immediately vomits when Eddie and Susie leave with him. Susie notes that it's impressive that Eddie doesn't have a similar reaction. It proves he has a stomach for this, something she had previously noted to her brother, Jack Glass.

Eddie is one of the few dukes in the county who can assimilate into the criminal underground while still rubbing elbows with high society. He doesn't lose his head over murder. That said, it did feel a little inconsistent with Freddy's character to have him react so violently to Tonibler's murder when he just shot a man in the head point-blank two episodes prior and didn't appear phased by it in the slightest.

As for the missing weed that started all of this, well, Gabrielle does finally get in touch with Jimmy. She calls him to trace his location and further flirt with him as part of the overall ruse, though her accomplice, an unnamed woman hanging out nearby, thinks Gabrielle's feelings are real. Whoever they're working with then lights the truck and all of Susie's weed on fire. It looks like some new players have entered the field.

The episode ends with Eddie, Freddy, and Geoff shooting clay pigeons when Sabrina takes a seat next to Eddie to scold him for what almost happened to Freddy. She also mentions that he's supposed to be getting the criminals off of their land, not becoming one of them. Eddie assures her that's still his plan, but the writing is clearly hinting that it won't be as easy as Eddie suggests, especially with Susie believing he's built for this criminal life more than he might want to admit.