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The Gentlemen episode 2 recap: Tackle Tommy Woo Woo

In the aftermath of Freddy's reckless decision to murder Tommy Dixon, the bulk of The Gentlemen episode 2 revolves around Tommy's assistant Jethro and the dilemma presenting itself now that he's the sole witness to Tommy's murder. Do they kill him? Eddie is opposed to it and asks Susie to give him 24 hours to figure out another way to solve this without shedding anymore blood.

We pick up right after Tommy's death, with Jethro making a break for it as Tommy, Eddie, and their gamekeeper Geoff give chase. Just before they snag Jethro, he manages to shoot off an ambiguous text (see episode title) to John "The Gospel" Dixon's right-hand man Errol (John McGrellis). Susie warns Eddie that The Gospel is far more dangerous than his now deceased brother. He also believes he has some divine affinity with the Lord.

But Eddie has a plan. He intends to pin Tommy's murder on Jethro and then give Jethro £2 million pounds and send him on a ship to Australia so he doesn't get killed. Thanks to Jethro's text, Errol tips off John that something might be off, especially since Tommy never returned. They choose to pay the Halstead brothers a visit. Eddie and Freddy pretend not to know anything about what happened to Tommy, but Eddie does suggest there was bad blood brewing between Tommy and Jethro. Planting a seed that he intends to use later.

Speaking of Jethro, for the time being they keep him locked up in the grow house. While he's in there, Eddie goes to Jethro's apartment to retrieve his passport. Problem is that The Gospel has already sent a man to Jethro's place and Eddie crosses paths with him while there. Their violent skirmish ends with Eddie taking a page out of his brother's book and blowing the man's head off. Ironically, Eddie killed a man to try and prevent having to kill his witness. Oops.

He recruits Susie's "clean-up" guy Felix (Dar Salim) to take care of the latest body. They make it look like Jethro killed this guy with the same gun he used to murder Tommy. Then they put Tommy's body in the trunk of his car alongside the gun. John finds the car and his brother's body inside, plus the murder weapon. Case closed, right? But John is curious as to where Jethro would have gotten such a fancy gun. He puts two and two together.

Returning to the Halstead estate, John questions the brothers regarding the murder weapon. Eddie says it belonged to his father and Jethro could easily have taken it out of the gun locker, which was unlocked. For now, John appears pacified by this explanation, though he does ask to keep the gun until they take care of Jethro.

The other important subplot in this episode involves Stanley Johnston. He sends Eddie an invitation to a gala at his manor. Susie invites herself along so she can meet Stanley in person as she suspects his interest in the Halstead estate involves her father's business. Stanley is a lucrative meth dealer who has a habit of leaving carnage behind wherever he goes. In other words, he's perhaps the most dangerous out of all of the drug dealers we've met thus far. Susie's inkling turns out to be correct.

Eddie introduces Susie to Stanley as the family's long-time antiques dealer. Stanley asks her to settle an argument between him and a friend regarding the worth of a specific watch, one said to have set on Winston Churchill's wrist when he signed the papers ending World War II. Susie proves she knows her stuff, impressing Stanley enough to ask her for a conversation in private. He leaves his watch behind, noting that his reputation is so strong that no one will dare to steal it, even with it sitting out in the open.

Stanley wants to become a partner in their marijuana business. Their entire conversation feels like a veiled threat on Stanley's part, as he suggests that if Susie wants to maintain her business and its stability, she will have to change some things, including getting a powerful partner. Susie doesn't seem phased by his suggestion, but says she'll mull over his request.

Elsewhere at the party, Eddie has a run-in with an old friend of his, Princess Roseanne (Gaïa Weiss). She patches up his bullet wound when he bleeds through his shirt. Sensing some romantic tension there.

After the party is all said and done, and now that the Dixon brothers mess is behind him, Eddie asks Susie to set a meeting between himself and her father, the fabled Bobby Glass (Ray Winstone). There's a nice little aside earlier in the episode where Eddie discusses the family business with his mother, Sabrina. She insinuates that she knows all about her late husband's drug dealings and fears that it will poison her son the same way it did her husband. Eddie assures her that he intends to get out of the entanglement with the Glass family business very soon, hence why he then asks Susie to introduce him to Bobby.

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And though Bobby might be in prison, he's got the entire place wired just the way he wants it and the staff wrapped around his finger. The place Eddie is invited to meet him is basically a glorified winter resort, complete with a legendary barbecue chef to serve them. Eddie tells Bobby he wants his business off of his property by the time the year is up, and if so, he guarantees him he will make him so much more money. How? Don't know yet.

Once the meeting is finished, Susie lays into Eddie for tricking her into setting it up, having led her to believe it would just be a meet-and-greet, not a renegotiation. Eddie notes she would have shut him down if he'd told her the truth and she confirms that yes, she would have. Well, Eddie says she needs him to stop the killing. Just to confirm, they're letting Jethro go, right? The last we saw him Eddie and Susie saw him off on the boat set for Australia. Susie says yes, "He's gone, isn't he?"

Except in the final moments of the episode, a man approaches Jethro from where he stands on the dock and invites him inside for tea. When the man turns toward the camera we see that it's actually Felix... you know, the guy Susie calls when she wants to dispose of a body, or witnesses. RIP Jethro.