The Circle season 6 episodes 1-4 recap: Who needs a catfish when you have AI?

A new season of The Circle has arrived and we're diving into the first four episodes of season 6!
The Circle. Contestant Myles Reed from episode 601 of The Circle. Credit: Courtesy of Netflix/© 2024 Netflix, Inc.
The Circle. Contestant Myles Reed from episode 601 of The Circle. Credit: Courtesy of Netflix/© 2024 Netflix, Inc. /

Circle, take me to Circle Chat because a new season of The Circle has finally arrived and boy have I missed this series! The first four episodes of season 6 are now streaming on Netflix with a new wave of players moving into stunning and elaborate apartments and the contestants aren’t the only new thing about this season as season 6 moves the action stateside with filming commencing in Atlanta.

Let’s start by meeting the key players who enter The Circle first! 

Meet The Circle season 6 contestants 

  • Kyle, 31, lives in Miami, a pro basketball player who plays overseas. Kyle is playing as himself and moves in with his adorable dog, Deucey
  • Lauren, 26, a video game streamer and cosplayer from Philly. Lauren is also playing as herself 
  • Myles, 29, an AI Engineer who is playing as himself. 
  • Brandon, 34, a hospital assistant, and our first catfish of the season! Brandon is playing as his friend Olivia. 
  • Cassie, 29, a mom of two from Manchester, Kentucky who is playing as herself. 
  • Steffi, 35, a medium who moves into The Circle with her emotional support skeleton Herbert and is playing as herself. 
  • Caress, 37, a motivational speaker from Dallas who is our second catfish of the season, playing as her younger brother Paul.

Note, for the sake of my own sanity, I’ll be going full method by referring to Brandon as Olivia within this piece and referring to Caress as Paul to lead with their player personas!

After everyone has settled into their apartments, there is a quick icebreaker to help the players get to know one another before the first rankings of the season! Here’s how the first rankings of the season play out: 

Seventh: Paul
Fifth (Tie): Cassie and Myles
Fourth: Kyle
Third: Steffi
Second: Lauren
First: Olivia

In our first twist of the season, our two Influencers aren’t blocking someone from The Circle. Instead, they will influence the game by picking two new players to join The Circle! Olivia is tasked with choosing between adding either Hayley or Quori-Tyler to The Circle, while Lauren is tasked with adding either Max or Simon to The Circle. Quori-Tyler and Max’s profiles are enough to secure their place in the journey which is when we get our second twist of the season: Max is actually an AI player! 

As episode 2 begins, Quori-Tyler makes her way into The Circle. Quori-Tyler is a 26-year-old former NBA dancer for The Lakers. Max, meanwhile, is an AI player who is playing the game using knowledge of the previous seasons of The Circle and taking on the personal of a 26-year-old veterinarian. 

We get another game with “Wrap it up,” in which each player has to write a rap about an another player. They have 15 minutes to write their raps and the assignments are as follows: 

Lauren raps about Max
Max raps about Lauren
Steffi raps about Paul
Paul raps about Kyle 
QT raps about Myles 
Myles raps about QT

All of the players keep things a bit friendly, but Steffi’s rap against Paul ends up being a bit of a diss track which might just prove to be the downfall of her game, so stay tuned for that. As the episode draws to an end, The Circle alert reveals to the players that not every player is who they said they are and not everyone in the circle is human. One player is AI. Dramatic music cued, shocked faces from all of the players – well all but Max, our AI player who honestly looks like Alexa and X-box had a baby. 

Episode 3 basically begins the witch-hunt for the AI among the group as all players are told they’ll soon be voting for the player they believe is the least human in the group. They get some help from The Circle in making their decision with a game that will give the contestants the chance to prove their human by telling a joke, reacting to a meme, and then showing off their critical thinking skills. This test goes well for some players but others struggle a bit casting doubts about their humanity. 

As the episode comes to an end, we learn that everyone will be tasked with rating the other players from first to last based on who they believe is most human – yep, we went there. The player voted most human by the group, will then be tasked with blocking the player they believe is AI. 

In episode 4, we discovered that Myles has been named the most human player and it becomes clear that Paul and Steffi are the two players most likely to be AI. Before Myles is tasked with blocking the player he believes is AI, each player gets the chance to reveal who they think is AI and it becomes clear that Steffi is the group target as Paul, Max, Cassie, Kyle, and Quori-Tyler all select her. As for the other players, Lauren picks Paul while Steffi and Olivia both pick Kyle. 

So who does Myles send home? 

The Circle. Contestant Stephanie "Steffi" Hill from episode 601 of The Circle. Credit: Courtesy of Netflix/© 2024 Netflix, Inc. /

No one goes home in The Circle season 6 episodes 1-4

That’s right, not one single player goes home in the first four episodes of the season which is honestly shocking and more than a little disappointing! Typically, we see at least one blocking in the first episodes of the season so it’s actually a little surprising that not a single player is sent home during the episode episodes this year as Myles’ decision is not revealed at the end of episode 4. 

With no one being blocked in the first four episodes, we have to wonder if there will be a change to the format as the season progresses or perhaps fewer players added this season. Who knows, maybe the eliminations will go fast and hard in the season with more eliminations coming later in the season. 

We’ll see who Myles blocks and if more blockings are on our way in the next four episodes which will arrive on April 24!

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