See Red's ending: The Blacklist season 10 coming to Netflix in February 2024

All good things must come to an end.

THE BLACKLIST -- "Wormwood (#182)" Episode 1018 -- Pictured: James Spader as Raymond "Red" Reddington -- (Photo by: Will Hart/NBC)
THE BLACKLIST -- "Wormwood (#182)" Episode 1018 -- Pictured: James Spader as Raymond "Red" Reddington -- (Photo by: Will Hart/NBC) /

There's good news and bad news for fans of The Blacklist. Let's start with the bad news: It's still over. But the good news? The tenth and final season of the hit NBC drama series will finally begin streaming on Netflix in February 2024. If you haven't yet caught up with the ending of the show, now's your chance to see how it all comes to an end for Red in season 10.

NBC first renewed The Blacklist season 10 in February 2022 in the midst of season 9's run and later confirmed that the tenth season would also be the final season one year later. After 218 total episodes, The Blacklist came to an end July 13, 2023. In the event you weren't able to tune into the final season on NBC, now is the time to catch it on Netflix.

The Blacklist season 10 will begin streaming on Netflix on Sunday, Feb. 11. Like the majority of Netflix new release titles, the final season of the fan-favorite series will start streaming at 12 a.m. PT, which is 3 a.m. ET. For more information on what time Netflix releases new movies and shows based on time zone, check out our handy guide to the steamer's release times.

Without giving away any spoilers for those who have yet to watch, the season and the series finale especially can't be missed. In many ways, the show seems to have come full circle in a way that's surely satisfying for longtime fans who have been watching since its premiere in 2013. But as always, there's plenty of twists and turns and surprise to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Here's how NBC describes the plot of the final season:

"In its landmark 10th season, The Blacklist returns as Raymond Reddington (James Spader) confronts unparalleled danger. With Reddington's covert role as an FBI informant facing exposure, former Blacklisters will unite against him in their lethal desire for revenge - testing Red and the FBI Task Force as never before."

Curious who stars in the final season's main cast? Obviously, James Spader returns as the show's lead character Raymond "Red" Reddington, and while a few of the main characters have been with the show since day one, the cast has also seen some changes throughout its run. Here's a look at the main cast for season 10:

  • James Spader as Raymond "Red" Reddington
  • Diego Klattenhoff as Donald Ressler
  • Hisham Tawfiq as Dembe Zuma
  • Anya Banerjee as Siya Malik
  • Harry Lennix as Harold Cooper

Along with seeing the series out with its final farewell, The Blacklist season 10 also had the incredible bragging rights of celebrating its 200th episode. These days, not a lot of television shows have the chance to reach that milestone. The fourth episode of season 10 rang in the monumental accomplishment, but there were still many more episodes to come in the season.

Like most of the seasons before it, season 10 contained 22 total episodes, the last-of-its-kind series that has 20 or more episodes per season. (The seventh season was impacted by the pandemic shutdown, causing it to only produce 19 episodes.) Keep track off all of the season 10 episodes with a list of the episode titles below!

The Blacklist season 10 episodes

1. "The Night Owl"

2. "The Whaler"

3. "The Four Guns"

4. "The Hyena" (200th episode!)

5. "The Dockery Affair"

6. "Dr. Laken Perillos: Conclusion"

7. "The Freelancer: Pt. 2"

8. "The Troll Farmer: Pt. 2"

9. "The Troll Farmer: Pt. 3"

10. "The Postman"

11. "The Man in the Hat"

12. "Dr. Michael Abani"

13. "The Sicilian Error of Color"

14. "The Nowhere Bride"

15. "The Hat Trick"

16. "Blair Foster"

17. "The Morgana Logistics Corporation"

18. "Wormwood"

19. "Room 417"

20. "Arthur Hudson"

21. "Raymond Reddington: Pt. 1"

22. "Raymond Reddington: Pt. 2"

Watch The Blacklist season 10 on Netflix when it begins streaming on Feb. 11.

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