Yes, Taylor Swift still watches Grey's Anatomy (but Travis Kelce doesn't)

The most famous Grey's superfan in the world apparently still tunes in, though she hasn't convinced her Super Bowl champ partner to watch, too.
Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour - Stockholm, Sweden
Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour - Stockholm, Sweden / Michael Campanella/TAS24/GettyImages

Karma is the guy on the Chiefs, and pretty soon he'll be the guy on the screen again, too. But that doesn't mean that Travis Kelce tunes into everything on the screen. While the three-time Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs tight end recently admitted to watching certain movies and shows with his Grammy-winning music icon girlfriend Taylor Swift, he hasn't watched her favorite show.

Over the May 31-June 1 weekend, Kelce attened the Big Slick Kansas City charity event, which also featured appearances by Jason Sudeikis, Paul Rudd, Patrick Mahomes, Eric Stonestreet, and many more celebrities. Grey's Anatomy star Anthony Hill, who plays Dr. Winston Ndugu on the veteran ABC medical drama, also attended the event and snapped a photo with Kelce.

Hill's Big Slick photo dump on Instagram begins with his selfie with the Chiefs tight end, and in the caption, the Grey's star revealed information that Swift fans have been wondering for years. (We really have been curious!) Taylor Swift, noted Grey's superfan who named her cat Meredith Grey after Ellen Pompeo's character, still watches the show. Twenty years strong! That's commitment.

However, Kelce supposedly doesn't watch the show with her. As Hill revealed in his caption, "I may or may not have gotten confirmation that TSwift does, in fact, still watch Grey’s Anatomy." That's the exciting news. Then he continued with the full revelation. "It was then made very clear that he absolutely does not watch with her." I mean, the show's going on its 21st season, that's a lot of lore to catch up on.

Hill poked fun and said, "Time to start bruh!" In Kelce's defense, in a Chiefs TikTok video last summer that asked the players about their favorite guilty pleasure TV shows, he said he doesn't watch TV anymore. He's a busy guy! But he did reveal that when he was younger, his favorite guilty pleasure show to watch was Gossip Girl, which is ironic now that he's friends with both Chase Crawford and Blake Lively.

Still, in all fairness, Kelce has clearly been watching some guilty pleasure television gems with Swift, as he revealed on his New Heights podcast earlier this year that he's watched Netflix's hit reality dating series Love Is Blind and that he "dabbles now" in Hallmark Channel movies. Arguably, Grey's might be the better option of the three, but again, the backlog of lore is pretty daunting.

Overall, it's endearing to learn that even with seemingly unmanageable worldwide fame, the highest-grossing tour of all time, and a steady stream of music releases, Swift finds time to watch her favorite show. We need to know her thoughts on the latest season and its plot twists! Who's her favorite new character? Does she miss Meredith, too? Anyway, thank you, Trav, for clearing up one of the most unserious but pressing unsolved Swiftie mysteries.

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