Sweet Magnolias season 4 just reached an exciting production milestone

Filming on the next chapter of the story has reached the halfway point.
Cr. Richard Ducree/Netflix © 2021
Cr. Richard Ducree/Netflix © 2021 /

Raise your glasses! Production on the next Sweet Magnolias has been underway for over a month now and filming has gotten to an exciting point, bringing us closer and closer to the debut of the fourth season. Filming on Sweet Magnolias season 4 has reached the halfway point!

Per the show's Instagram page, the crew are celebrating "Happy Halfway Day!," announcing the update in a fun way. The producers got everyone Chill Latte, "Atlanta's best coffee truck," as the business' website claims. It's always the right time for a sweet treat after all. And as a reminder, the romance series films in the real-life town real-life town of Covington, Georgia. The coffee truck offers coffee of course, smoothies, refreshers, and shaved ice. Yum! Check out the post below:

This is great news for us fans because it means everything is going according to schedule to get our favorite Netflix show back on our screens. Production on Sweet Magnolias season 4 officially began on Feb. 20, 2024. That means as of today, they've been filming for about a month and three weeks and should have another month and three weeks to go. That would put us with a potential filming end date of May 31, 2024 if we had to take a guess.

There's 10 episodes coming up in season 4, which probably means the first half have been filmed now with the final 5 episodes left to wrap up. It's great that production is on schedule, but I do think it's a bit bittersweet for us fans. That's because no matter how quick the crew finishes up the season, Netflix has already confirmed that Sweet Magnolias season 4 is coming in 2025.

Cr. Richard Ducree/Netflix © 2021 /

With filming wrapping up in May, that would give production plenty of time to edit the season in post-production before the end of the year. So it really doesn't make sense why the streamer has pushed the show to next year. I mean, even if we get it in January 2025, that's still a long time to wait unnecessarily. There were the writers and actors strikes in 2023 that delayed productions, and perhaps Sweet Magnolias was affected a bit. But I don't think the show was hit that hard. Plus, there aren't big special effects that would take editors too long to get the season done. But I don't know. At least the series is on track with filming, which means their won't be a delay in the 2025 release.

Unlike other shows, the release dates for past seasons have been a little all over the place. Season 1 premiered at the end of May 2020 on a Tuesday, followed by the second season on Feb. 4, 2022 on a Friday, and finally the third installment at the end of July 2023 on a Thursday. Usually we can make well-educated predictions, but Sweet Magnolias definitley keeps us guessing. We're just going to have to continue to be patient as Netflix shares release updates with us. I'm hopeful a February 2025 release date close to Valentine's Day is in store!

Stay tuned to Netflix Life as we bring you news about Sweet Magnolias season 4 on Netflix!

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