SWAT lives at CBS! The hit procedural saved (AGAIN!) and will return for season 8

Good news for fans of the series. CBS has renewed the series with Shemar Moore set to return.
“Forget Shorty” Pictured: Shemar Moore as Daniel "Hondo"
“Forget Shorty” Pictured: Shemar Moore as Daniel "Hondo" /

The hit CBS procedural series SWAT has been saved from cancellation for a second time. It seems like this show might have nine lives, I mean it's close, seeing as it will now return for an eighth season on Netflix.

Deadline reports that the series starring Shemar Moore will continue for the 2024-2025 season with a new season that is likely to have at least 22 episodes. Notice that this time that the eighth season hasn't been labeled as "final" season, so I think we can safely assume CBS wants to hold onto this property for the time being before jumping the gun.

Previously, the show was canceled after its sixth season and then that decision was reversed just a few days later for a "seventh and final season." Season 8 hasn't received that same branding, which makes sense as I can't imagine CBS wants to go through this song and dance again if they change their minds about the future of the series.

Fans of Moore, who has been lobbying hard to get the show back across his social media for months now, will be happy to know that the star is going to continue starring and executive produce the show moving forward. He's already taken to Instagram to celebrate, thanking fans for their concerted efforts to save the series.

Currently, the seventh season of SWAT is airing on CBS, with the finale expected to drop on May 17, 2024. Season 7 only had 13 episodes, so I'm sure viewers will be pleasantly surprised to learn that season 8 is getting the standard 22. We don't have know when the new season will premiere, but since it's marketed as coming back for the 2024-2025 season we can safely assume it will receive a fall premiere date later this year.

When could SWAT season 8 come to Netflix?

It usually takes about four months for new seasons of SWAT to come to Netflix. Currently the first six seasons of the show are streaming on the platform and we expect that the seventh season will come to Netflix later this year, likely around September.

Hopefully, the seventh season will arrive on the streamer before the eighth season premieres so that fans can catch up in time to watch live! If things stay on the same trajectory, then the eighth season would likely come to Netflix in late summer or early fall of 2025.

Given that CBS has just saved the show again, I think we can all feel pretty confident about SWAT continuing for a ninth season, maybe even a tenth is secured at this point. Clearly, the broadcast network has realized it has a hit on its hands and a loyal fanbase willing to support the show despite its setbacks.

You can currently stream seasons 1-6 of SWAT on Netflix right now.

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