Succession isn't streaming on Netflix, but these 3 great HBO shows are

Who's the better rapper? Kendall Roy or Issa Dee?

Insecure on HBO, photo courtesy Merie Weismiller Wallace, HBO
Insecure on HBO, photo courtesy Merie Weismiller Wallace, HBO /

If you were to ask any recent HBO fan, they would tell you that Succession is one of their top favorite new-generation titles. This declaration definitely wouldn't be incorrect, as the show is currently listed as one of the best TV shows of all time for many reasons, including (but not limited to) the cast, storyline, fire soundtrack, and, our favorite, juicy plot twists that would make your head spin.

Even though millions love this show, sadly, Netflix couldn't acquire Succession. However, other HBO shows available on Netflix are just as binge-watch-worthy!


Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is always a delight to see on our TV screens. We have the 2015 HBO series Ballers to thank for that!

The critically acclaimed series tells the story of the lives of two former NFL players, Spencer Strasmore (Johnson) and Charles Greane (Omar Miller), trying to claw their way back to the top after leaving their long-time careers behind. Searching for a new career with just as much excitement and wealth is much easier said than done, as athletes are some of the highest-paid individuals in American society. However, they're determined to find their ways to chase that high again.

Ballers is a fantastic title to watch if you love streaming TV shows where the stakes are always high and where the characters are ruthless in every way, shape, and form. It's also a great watch if you love being starstruck by celebrities. Some notable names in this title (main characters and special guest stars) include John David Washington, Dulé Hill, LeToya Luckett, Stephen Curry, Odell Beckham Jr., Tony Hawk, Victor Cruz, and many more famous names.

Perhaps you'll find another reason why you love every minute of this show. There's only one way to find out!

Band of Brothers

Band of Brothers is a nice break from the world of sports or business! In fact, this is an HBO series that leans more on the informative side rather than the fictional side, as it retells a historic event you may know something about.

The Steven Spielberg-produced title is set during World War II when a battalion named "Easy Company" essentially became a much-needed hero not just for the citizens of America who lived through the war but for the many generations of American citizens who could only read about the valiant efforts of this gruesome war's heroes.

From the very start, Easy Company worked endlessly to ensure that they were always ready for anything and everything the war through at them. Be it training in various places like Camp Toccoa, Georgia, or London, England, or fighting for their lives in the Battle of Carentan, Easy Company was heavily involved in all aspects of the war. This is why no matter the failure or the success, Easy Company is celebrated all the same because this group consisted of the most brave soldiers to ever exist.

Not only will you learn a lot of important history while watching Band of Brothers, but you'll also be in for a wild ride learning about all of the bloody battles and courageous plans that went down during World War II.


Insecure is one of those shows you can watch in absolutely any and every mood.

Just got broken up with and need some advice about what to do? This show is perfect, as it navigates relationship issues and how to move past them together or separately. Have a friend that you're not seeing eye to eye with? Well, there comes a season where our protagonist, Issa Dee, and her best friend, Molly, are going through a weird time in their friendship and learning how to navigate the issue. Do you need a laugh at characters who are just as weird and relatable as you? This show is sure to have you laughing until you cry.

Truly, there isn't a time when Insecure won't fit into your life!

Above all, our favorite aspect about Insecure is that this show is headlined by a Black woman, highlights uniquely Black experiences, and, best of all, gives love to the local Black businesses all over California, which in turn gives back to the Black community. Issa Rae, the creator behind the HBO title, truly puts nothing but love and appreciation into her work. It's something you'll take notice of as you stream every episode.

We're definitely going to check in with Netflix frequently to find out if Succession will one of the lucky few HBO shows to stream on the platform. In the meantime, help yourself to watch either Insecure, Band of Brothers, or Ballers as you wait!

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