Sex and the City is Netflix's biggest and smartest acquisition yet

The HBO classic makes its way to Netflix in spring 2024, marking the streaming service's most high-profile push into acquiring hit shows.

And Just Like That season 2 on HBO Max.
And Just Like That season 2 on HBO Max. /

Did you heart the great news? Sex and the City is coming to Netflix! No, not the movies again, though those do often make appearances on the streamer. The show! In a move that's completely unprecedented and fans likely never thought would happen, Netflix has licensed all six seasons and 94 episodes of the pop culture phenomenon that's still beloved and relevant today.

As reported by Deadline per news from The New York Times, Netflix has acquired Sex and the City for streaming and will bring the classic HBO series into its fold in April 2024. The pact for the series comes on the heels of Netflix's licensing deal made with Warner Bros. Discovery in 2023 that saw the likes of Six Feet Under, Insecure, Ballers, and more hit Netflix.

Following the big Suits boom of 2023, Netflix's co-CEO Ted Sarandos has been vocal about the streamer making a continued conscious push into licensing more titles from outside studios. He might get some things wrong, but he was correct when he said "sometimes [Netflix] can uniquely add more value to the studio’s IP than they can."

Sex and the City coming to Netflix in spring 2024

The complete series is expected to begin streaming on Netflix in early April 2024, though the streamer's deal for the hit show isn't worldwide. Sex and the City will be available on Netflix in the United States as well as "several other European markets," per Variety. While the series will continue streaming on Max, the movies and Max revival series And Just Like That aren't included in the Netflix deal.

Late last year, we'd dreamed up a handful of additional shows that Netflix should consider licensing, as well as a crop of sitcoms for the streamer to add in the wake of Young Sheldon's success. Never in our wildest dreams did we ever imagine HBO or WBD would fork over the rights to Sex and the City, arguably one of the premium cabler's top titles outside of Game of Thrones and The Sopranos.

But picking up a show with such a broad appeal and one that's managed to stay firmly rooted in pop culture for over 25 years has to be one of Netflix's smartest decisions of late, and it's definitely its biggest catch in the acquisition market. Suits might have been a fluke, no matter how much people love the show, but Sex and the City is aiming for the rafters.

Even though the complete series has been available on Max since its inception and reruns have been airing on cable for years, there's no doubt that fans new and old WILL watch and rewatch SATC on Netflix. And in turn, renewed interest in the original series on Netflix will only bring more eyeballs to And Just Like That, which won't be back with season 3 until 2025. It's a win for Netflix, it's a win for Max, and it's a win for fans. What's not to love?

Stay tuned for an official release date for Sex and the City on Netflix.

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