Sadly, the horror film Imaginary won't be on Netflix after theaters (where to watch)

Pyper Braun as Alice in Imaginary. Photo Credit: Parrish Lewis
Pyper Braun as Alice in Imaginary. Photo Credit: Parrish Lewis /

Imaginary is a horror film that brings to question what would happen if the imaginary friends we had were not only real but had feelings of resentment after we grew up and forgot all about them. These friends have quickly turned into monsters, as they aren't too keen on being left behind, which is why they're more than ready to settle the score.

Read the full official synopsis here (via Lionsgate):

"When Jessica moves back into her childhood home with her family, her youngest stepdaughter Alice develops an eerie attachment to a stuffed bear named Chauncey she finds in the basement. Alice starts playing games with Chauncey that begin playful and become increasingly sinister.

As Alice’s behavior becomes more and more concerning, Jessica intervenes only to realize Chauncey is much more than the stuffed toy bear she believed him to be."


See all this and more in the official trailer for Imaginary below.

If the trailer was enough to make your heart beat faster, just wait until you get a chance to see the film in its entirety. Here's where you can watch every second!

Where to watch Imaginary

The first place we recommend watching Imaginary is your local movie theater since there is simply no better way to watch a horror film than in front of a big screen surrounded by other movie watchers who love a good scream or two. The horror flick is set to be released in theaters on March 8. To find screenings near you and purchase tickets, you can do so through the websites Fandango, Cinemark, or AMC Theatres. However, if you can't do that the best place to head to is a streaming service!

As of right now, the Lionsgate film isn't streaming on any particular site. But based on where other Lionsgate films like The Hunger Games or the Twilight franchise are streaming, our best bet is that audiences will be able to eventually stream Imaginary on sites like Hulu or Peacock. Lionsgate has a deal with Peacock where its theatrical releases will become available to stream on Peacock sometime after they leave theaters. So, Imaginary will most likely make its way there. Additionally, you can expect the horror flick to eventually be available to rent or purchase on digital platforms.

There's also a slim chance that Netflix will house the 2024 film, as the site had Lionsgate films available to stream before. Even so, we'll have to wait for an official announcement.

Netflix films like Imaginary

If you aren't patient enough to wait for Netflix or another streaming service to acquire Imaginary after its theatrical release, then we recommend checking out a few titles on Netflix.

Here are a few we think you'd like:

  • Insidious (2010)
  • The Babadook (2014)
  • Lights Out (2016)
  • The Bye Bye Man (2017)
  • Malignant (2021)
  • Things Heard & Seen (2021)

All these films are sure to give you a few good jump scares, so be sure to head to the site to stream them all today. And, if you can, head to your local theater on Friday, Mar. 8, to catch Imaginary!

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