7 romantic Netflix K-Dramas to watch this Valentine's Day

Need some entertainment for your cozy night in this Valentine's Day? Look no further than these 7 romantic K-Dramas!
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Valentine's Day is officially upon us! If you plan to have a romantic night in, Netflix Life has got you covered. Whether you're spending Valentine's Day with your partner, friends, or by yourself, you're going to need some top quality entertainment for this special day.

Having said this, what better way to spend your evening than watching a romantic K-Drama? The popularity of K-Dramas continues to rise each day with new viewers coming forward every minute!

Whether you're new to the K-Drama scene or if you're looking for a series to rewatch, our list of Top 7 K-Dramas to watch this Valentine's Day is sure to please your inner hopeless romantic. Let's jump straight in!

1. Crash Course In Romance (2023)

Jeon Do-Yeon
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First up on our list is a stunning K-Drama that explores an enemies to lovers dynamic between the two protagonists. Jung Kyung-ho portrays a famous tutor, whilst Jeon Do-yeon portrays a restaurant owner. Crash Course In Romance explores how these two individuals put aside their differences and ultimately fall in love. Sounds like a perfect Valentine's Day binge!

2. True Beauty (2020)

Cha Eun-woo
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It's in the name, but this series is honestly one of the most beautiful K-Dramas out there. The premise of True Beauty follows a self conscious student who isn't too happy with how she looks. Her insecurities lead her to use makeup in order to try and cover up aspects of her face that she doesn't like. However, a kind boy soon becomes friends with her, and he is able to see her for who she truly is. A bonus? Cha Eun-woo stars in this series. Come on, guys. Need more be said?

3. King the Land (2023)

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A K-Drama with 2PM's Junho and Girls' Generation's Yoona? Sounds like a total dream. Luckily, it's more than just a dream because King the Land gives us a romantic comedy featuring both of these amazing stars! This drama explores the enemies to lovers trope between Gu-won (Junho) and Sa-rang (Yoona). We cannot get enough of these two together, here's to hoping they collaborate for more dramas together in the future!

4. Extraordinary Attorney Woo (2022)


This one is for all you courtroom fans out there. Extraordinary Attorney Woo follows a young attorney who has Asperger's. Within her career, she is shown to be extremely intelligent and talented within her field of work and she is able to figure out even the toughest of cases. However, she struggles with social interaction. This is where her colleague, Lee Jun-ho (Kang Tae-oh), comes in. He helps her with everyday things and, all the while, slowly begins falling in love with her. Whilst romance isn't the main plot point of this show, the relationship storyline is still super cute!

5. My Demon (2023)

Song Kang, Kim You-jung (2)
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This has got to be one of our favourite K-Dramas. My Demon follows the journey of Jung Gu-won (Song Kang), a powerful demonic entity who loses his powers. He must work with Do Do-hee (Kim Yoo-jung) to get them back, however a romance begins to blossom between them. Full of twists and beautiful moments, this series is perfect to binge this Valentine's Day!

6. Doctor Slump (2024)

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The good news? Doctor Slump is amazing. The bad news? It is currently still airing, so unfortunately you can only binge the episodes that have already come out at the moment. However, there's quite a special feeling that comes from watching K-Dramas as they air, so this could be a good thing! Valentine's Evening is the perfect opportunity to catch up with what has happened so far before the next two episodes release! This K-Drama follows the story of two old rivals meeting again, both at very low points in their life. It is a beautiful story of healing and reconciliation and we highly recommend it for your watchlist!

7. Business Proposal (2022)

Kim Se-Jeong
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Lastly but definitely not least, Business Proposal is another romantic K-Drama that could offer you the perfect Valentine's Day series binge! Without saying too much, this series follows Shin Ha-ri (Kim Se-jeong), a young woman who stands in for her friend on a blind date. However, an unexpected proposal is made during this date, and so Ha-ri and her friend, Young-seo (Seol In-ah), must figure out how to sort out this mess.

There you have it! Our Top 7 K-Dramas to watch this Valentine's Day. Pair one of these dramas with some snacks and a takeout and you've got the perfect evening! Stay tuned to Netflix Life to see more articles about current K-Dramas on Netflix!

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