One of Jennifer Aniston's most underrated movies is now streaming on Netflix

"Wanderlust" Los Angeles Premiere - Red Carpet
"Wanderlust" Los Angeles Premiere - Red Carpet / Lester Cohen/GettyImages

We've officially entered a new month, and with it comes new releases on Netflix. One of those new releases is a Jennifer Aniston movie. I don't know about you, but I'm a big fan of hers. I mean, just think about her iconic role as Rachel Green in Friends. Overall, she's an amazing actress, and I'm always looking forward to what she'll star in next.

Aniston currently plays the protagonist, Alex Levy, in the hit Apple TV+ series The Morning Show. But her most recent movie role was in the action comedy flick Murder Mystery 2, which is a Netflix original movie. Besides this film, she also has several other movies on Netflix, including what I'd say is one of her most underrated movies.

What movie am I talking about, you ask? Well, it's none other than the 2012 comedy film Wanderlust. Although it's a critically panned movie, I enjoyed watching every second of it. It might not be the best comedy I've ever watched, but it does the job. I laughed out loud plenty of times throughout the film.

Wanderlust is a movie that David Wain directed from a screenplay he co-wrote with Ken Marino. Wain is best known for directing and co-writing the scripts for the movies Wet Hot American Summer and Role Models. When it comes to Marino's work, he starred in shows such as Party Down and Childrens Hospital.

Judd Apatow, Jennifer Aniston, Paul Rudd
Premiere Of Universal Pictures' "Wanderlust" - Red Carpet / Kevin Winter/GettyImages

George and Linda Gergenblatt live fast-paced lives in New York in Wanderlust. That's until George becomes unemployed and Linda fails to sell her documentary to HBO. Now, both out of jobs, they decide to relocate to Atlanta and move in with George's brother who has offered him a job. But while on their way there, they happen upon what they thought was a bed and breakfast but actually turns out be a hippie commune. While initially against the idea of staying with the freewheeling community, George and Linda decide to give the place a two-week trial run to see if they can make a fresh start.

Aniston plays the role of Linda Gergenblatt, while Paul Rudd portrays George Gergenblatt. Other cast members include Marino, Michaela Watkins, Justin Theroux, Malin Åkerman, Kathryn Hahn, Lauren Ambrose, Alan Alda, Jordan Peele, and Keegan-Michael Key.

Take a look at the official trailer to see Aniston and Rudd in action and for a sneak peek!

After you finish watching Wanderlust, you'll probably be in the mood to watch some more of Jennifer Aniston's work. As mentioned earlier, she has several other movies currently streaming on Netflix. Here's a list of those films below.

  • Murder Mystery (2019 - action comedy)
  • Dumplin' (2018 - comedy-drama)
  • Murder Mystery 2 (2023 - action comedy)
  • Horrible Bosses 2 (2014 - comedy)
  • Bruce Almighty (2003 - comedy)
  • Storks (2016 - animated movie)

Paul Rudd also has a good selection of other films on Netflix to check out, such as The Catcher Was a Spy, The Fundamentals of Caring, This Is 40 and Mute.

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