One Day honors Justin Eely in credits tribute (dedication explained)

Leo Woodall, One Day - Netflix
Leo Woodall, One Day - Netflix /

The final episode of Netflix's latest limited series One Day likely ripped out the hearts of every viewer. While the love story between Emma and Dexter was built up with light and (mostly) heartwarming encounters, the ending packed one heck of a punch that will leave your previously warmed heart shattered. Don't worry, no spoilers here on the ending!

Seeing as One Day is a limited series, the ending doesn't leave viewers with any unanswered questions or loose ends about the story. There's no cliffhangers or ambiguity, just an emotional and thought-provoking ending that will make you think about life and love in a new way. The story accomplishes what it sets out to accomplish.

But there was one unexpected question some viewers who stuck around through the closing credits were left with thanks to a dedication. In the closing moments of the credits, the series was dedicated to the loving memory of Justin Eely. Here's what to know about the dedication.

Justin Eely One Day dedication explained

Following the end of episode 14 of One Day and the closing credits, the message "In loving memory of Justin Eely" appeared on screen. As viewers of film and television know, dedication cards such as this one are added either before or after the end credits to honor a member of the cast or crew, or a cast or crew member's family, who passed away prior to the film or show's release.

If you didn't recognize the name Justin Eely, it's likely because Eely didn't contribute to One Day in front of the camera. He doesn't appear on screen in an acting role. Rather, Justin Eely was credited in the limited series as a on-line editor. Eely also worked as an on-line editor for such titles as Bodies, Extraordinary, Good Omens, Killing Eve, A Discovery of Witches, and many more. He also worked as a finishing editor for Asteroid City and The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar.

According to Eely's Linkedin account, he worked as a senior on-line editor for Company 3 out of London since April 2021. One message on his profile from someone who knew him says, "Justin was a great guy to work with, he always made life very easy for those around him." The comment from 2009 also mentioned Eely always had a smile on his face. His last Instagram post from September 2023 was a video of him hugging his young daughter while participating in an IronMan competition.

On behalf of everyone here at Netflix Life, our thoughts are with Eely's family and friends.

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