No, Donnell Rawlings isn't dating Stephanie George (but here's their relationship history)

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Well-known comedian Donnell Rawlings has finally made his solo comedy debut on Netflix with a new stand-up special, and it's what everyone's watching and talking about. Titled Chappelle’s Home Team – Donnell Rawlings: A New Day, which is part of Chappelle's series of stand-alone comedy specials for Netflix, Rawlings discusses traveling to New Zealand, aging, co-parenting, his experience with toxic relationships, and many other topics.

Since it's only a 40 minute comedy special, it doesn't take long at all to finish it. I'm sure once you've watched it all, you'll be wanting to know more about who Rawlings is and learn more about his life. As always, you know you can count on us at Netflix Life to provide you with all the juicy deets.

Below, we gave a little rundown on who Donnell Rawlings is, including details about his relationship status.

Donnell Rawlings
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Everything to know about comedian Donnell Rawlings

Donnell was born on Dec. 6, 1968, in Washington, D.C., making him 55 years old and his zodiac sign Sagittarius. However, he was raised in Alexandria, Virginia. Before he became the big comedian he is today, he had previously served in the United States Air Force. Some of the places he was stationed for duty were South Korea and Washington, D.C. His initial career path wasn't to become a stand-up comic. He was working to become an architect, but later changed career paths when he realized that he didn't have the necessary skills to become one. But he knew that he enjoyed making people laugh, and even his mom basically told him that he needs to be taking comedy seriously. So, one day, he did and look where he is now.

Here are five quick facts about Donnell Rawlings:

  • He first made a splash in the comedy world when he began frequently appearing on the Chappelle's Show, performing hilarious sketches as various characters. However, he's best known for his character, Ashy Larry. He would later go on to host the show's third season with the late fellow comedian Charlie Murphy.
  • His role as Damien 'Day-Day' Price in The Wire, catapulted him into the spotlight and legitimized him as a serious actor.
  • Donnell is not only a comedian and actor, but he's also a podcaster. He has his own podcast called The Donnell Rawlings Show, and on it he discusses various topics such as current news and pop culture, his experiences on and off the stage, lifestyle and fashion news, etc.
  • Donnell's height is reportedly 5 feet 8 inches tall, making him one inch shorter than the average height of a male in the United States.
  • He is a long-time friend of Dave Chappelle.
Stephanie George
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Donnell Rawlings relationship status

It doesn't appear that Donnell is dating anyone at the moment, but we do know who he was previously in a relationship with. He was dating TV personality Stephanie George who is pictured above. You might recognize her from being a former cast member on the iconic reality series Bad Girls Club. She was a cast member on the show's tenth season. She's a 32-year-old Afro Latina with her mother being Salvadorian and her father being African American.

While Donnell and Stephanie's relationship timeline is unknown, there was a lot of talk back when they first got together because of the signficant age gap between them. They have a 23 years age gap. However, it didn't seem to bother them. As of February 2024, Donnell and Stephanie are currently best friends and co-parenting their son Austen together who is 8 years old. While there have been multiple news outlets reporting that Stephanie is Donnell's wife, this has not been confirmed by either Donnell or Stephanie. So, it looks like they were just boyfriend and girlfriend back when they were together.

Chappelle’s Home Team – Donnell Rawlings: A New Day is now streaming on Netflix.

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