New Netflix docudrama delves into the history of Alexander the Great

Netflix just released the first trailer for the six-part docudrama Alexander: The Making of a God.

Alexander: The Making of a God | Official Trailer | Netflix
Alexander: The Making of a God | Official Trailer | Netflix / Netflix

Netflix has a new historical documentary series coming out this month and this time the focus is on Macedonian king Alexander the Great. The upcoming show, titled Alexander: The Making of a God, will combine expert interviews with thrilling reenactments and all six parts of the new show start streaming on January 31, 2024.

This new docuseries follows in the footsteps of previous series like Queen Cleopatra, Roman Empire, and Rise of Empires, all of which are a stylish mixture of documentary and riveting drama as Netflix creates stunning reenactments of pivotal historical moments and epic scenes from history.

Alexander the Great was a famous military leader and the son of King Philip II. His military expertise made him a true adversary and his obsession with defeating the Persian Empire, specifically King Darius, is what ultimately led him to building one of the most memorable empires of all time. Despite passing away at a young age, Alexander the Great is still considered an influential historical figure with a fascinating legacy.

Alexander: The Making of a God to tell a riveting tale about a historical legend

Alexander: The Making of a God stars Buck Braithwaite, Agni Scott, Will Stevens, Mido Hamada, and more talented stars. The series, which comes from Tailfeather Productions in partnership with Lion TV, focuses on how Alexander the Great claimed the largest Western empire in history in under six years, per Netflix Tudum. Lucy van Beek and Nick Catliff serve as executive producers on the show, which premieres globally at the end of the month.

I'm sure there are many people who would love to see a scripted version of this show, but what makes Alexander: The Making of a God unique is in its ability to combine dramatic storytelling with academic insight and expert opinion.

Netflix shared the official synopsis for the series alongside the trailer, check it below:

"Alexander: The Making of a God is a six part docudrama series that reveals the extraordinary life of Alexander the Great through his radical transformation from warrior prince to living god. The series explores his rise as an exiled young man into his obsession with defeating the mighty Persian Emperor Darius that led him to conquer the known world in just under six years. Alexander the Great's fascinating story is told through stunning drama intertwined with expert academic insight, ground-breaking archaeology and ongoing excavations at the archaeological site in Alexandria, Egypt led by Calliope Limneos-Papakosta."

For those interested in checking out Alexander: The Making of a God, you can set a reminder via your Netflix account here to get notified when the show officially begins streaming on January 31, 2024.

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