Netflix reportedly planning multiple Peaky Blinders spinoffs

It looks like a lot more content from the world of Peaky Blinders is on the way as Netflix reportedly plans multiple spinoffs.
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Despite ending almost two years ago, Peaky Blinders remains a popular Netflix series, especially thanks to the enduring charm of star Cillian Murphy, who has had a banner 2023 after starring in the acclaimed Christopher Nolan-directed Oppenheimer.

Murphy has been making waves this awards season alongside his "Barbenheimer" pal Margot Robbie, star of this year's biggest movie, Barbie. Murphy is in the running to get nominated for an Academy Award for his lead performance in Oppenheimer.

All this to say that the Irish actor's renewed popularity has made many people revisit his work in the British period crime drama that ran for six seasons on BBC (Netflix handled international distribution outside of the UK). Well, Netflix seems to have taken notice of this because on Dec. 17, Bloomberg released a report indicating that the streaming service was pursuing ideas for at least two different Peaky Blinder spinoffs.

Per the source, "One of those would be set in Boston during the middle of the 20th century, a couple decades after the original Peaky Blinders, while another would focus on Polly, the matriarch of the criminal Shelby clan."

The spinoff set during the 20th century would likely take place around the 1950s since the latest the show went was into the 1910s. It would probably follow the latest members of the infamous street gang. As for the second idea, that will likely take place before the show began, serving as a prequel series of sorts, since Polly actress Helen McCrory passed away in April 2021. I can't imagine the show recasting her unless it was for a younger version of the character.

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What's going on with the Peaky Blinders movie?

You'd be forgiven for wondering what the heck is going on with the proposed Peaky Blinders movie that has been hinted at for several years now. Series creator Steven Knight has been saying a movie is in development since 2021, previously stating that production would get started by spring 2023 on track for a 2024 premiere date, but as of Dec. 2023, there's still no concrete news about the film. However, Knight has continued saying the movie is happening.

Actually, it's funny, we have Margot Robbie to thank for getting this conversation restarted as the actress admitted she's a huge fan of the show to Murphy during their "Actors on Actors" segment for Variety. Robbie asked Murphy about the potential for a spinoff movie and the actor said he was open to the idea, though that makes it sound like he doesn't know if it's really happening or not. Perhaps he's waiting to see the script before signing on officially.

Then on Dec. 15, RadioTimes reported Knight saying he was close to finishing his script and hopes that production will begin on the film in 2024.

"I’m just working on the final bits of it at the moment. I just sit down at the keyboard and start. It’s a bit like having a dream, for me. You sit there and all this stuff comes, and then you read it back and think, 'That’s pretty good – but where did it come from?'"

Let's hope he loops his star in soon, then!

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