Netflix's Receiver: Here's which NFL players will appear in the docuseries

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There's still no official word on whether there will be a Quarterback season 2, which is a huge bummer for sports fans. However, we have some great news to share that will surely lift up your spirits. Netflix just announced a new sports docuseries called Receiver, which will be produced by the same team behind Quarterback.

We're talking NFL Films, Omaha Productions, and 2PM Productions. Former NFL quarterback Peyton Manning and Jamie Horowitz will executive produce for Omaha Productions. In addition, Ross Ketover, Pat Kelleher, and Keith Cossrow will executive produce for NFL Films, and Patrick Mahomes and Jacquelyn Dahl for 2PM Productions. The first season will have eight episodes, each about 45 minutes long. Also, you can expect the docuseries to premiere on Netflix in the summer of 2024. Once we have an official release date, we'll be sure to let you know right away.

Davante Adams
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In Quarterback, viewers followed some of the biggest quarterbacks in the game like Patrick Mahomes, Kirk Cousins, and Marcus Mariota. In this brand-new docuseries, we'll follow five of the NFL’s best pass catchers during the NFL 2023-24 season. They are Davante Adams (Las Vegas Raiders), Justin Jefferson (Minnesota Vikings), George Kittle (San Francisco 49ers), Deebo Samuel (San Francisco 49ers), and Amon-Ra St. Brown (Detroit Lions). We'll be diving into the lives of these incredible receivers and seeing how they are on and off the field.

With the major success of the Quarterback docuseries, we're expecting Receiver to do just as well or even better. Here's what Netflix, NFL Films, and Peyton Manning had to say about the ordering of the new docuseries via a Netflix press release:

"The natural progression is from a pass to a catch, so we’re excited to dive into the Receiver world after the success of our Quarterback series. NFL Films, Omaha Productions and 2PM Productions have delivered again in finding unique and dynamic athletes who will further highlight the drama of this sport on and off the field."

Gabe Spitzer of Netflix

"We were thrilled last summer to see audiences all over the world diving into the lives of NFL quarterbacks. We believe the extraordinary skills, dedication and passion of the NFL’s great wide receivers – and one tight end – will make a perfect follow-up."

Joe Zucco of NFL Films

"We are excited to be working again with Netflix and NFL Films to give fans unprecedented access to what it’s like to play receiver at the highest level. As we did with Quarterback, we look forward to telling the stories of five incredible receivers, each with their unique personality, skillset, and motivation for what drives them to be the best."

Former NFL QB Peyton Manning

Sadly, this is all we know about Receiver at the moment. Of course, we'll constantly update this space with new information as it's released. We're still waiting on an official release date, pictures from the new series, and an official trailer. We'll share these juicy deets once they're made public. So, make sure to stay tuned to Netflix Life!

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