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Maria Zheng as Suki, and her mother, Yukari, played by Tamlyn Tomita

Season 1 episode 2 recap: Warriors

The second episode opens with an angry Prince Zuko looking for his missing notebook on his ship. He's also mad that Aang got away. Iroh tries to calm Zuko down, but he isn't having it. It isn't until Iroh tells Zuko that Aang can't be far away that Zuko starts to cheer up. The episode then cuts to Aang, Katara, and Sokka, still at the Southern Air Temple, preparing to leave for Kyoshi Island. Aang is convinced that something in Avatar Kyoshi's shrine will help him control his power and the Avatar State. As they get ready to leave, Katara's bag starts to move on the ground.

Katara grabs her bag and out comes a winged lemur. She also finds a scroll containing waterbending moves in her bag. Gran Gran had snuck it in there before they had left Wolf Cove. Before leaving the Southern Air Temple, Aang creates a burial site for Gyatso and places Gyatso's necklace above it. The episode then cuts to the title sequence.

As Aang and Co ride on Appa to Kyoshi Island, they notice the winged lemur flying next to them. Aang gives the lemur the name Momo and invites him to join them on their journey. Elsewhere, Zuko and Iroh walk around Fire Nation territory. This is when we find out that Iroh is Zuko's uncle. Iroh has taken them to the HQ of a regional Fire Nation Commander. Zuko immediately assumes that Iroh's plan is to ask the Fire Nation commander if he has seen the Avatar, but Iroh tells him there's a more tactful way to go about doing so.

Aang, Katara, and Sokka finally arrive at Avatar Kyoshi's shrine, but they're stopped by warriors. Katara tries to get the warriors to back off by telling them that Aang is the Avatar, but they don't believe her. Suddenly, the Avatar Kyoshi statue eyes begin to glow. Now the warriors believe that Aang is the Avatar, and they take him, Katara, and Sokka to Kyoshi island.

They meet with the mayor once they get to the island. She informs them that the island hasn't had visitors in a long time. She tells them that for 100 years, Kyoshi Island has remained safe from any attacks by the Fire Nation because they keep to themselves. Aang tells her that he and his crew aren't there to cause any trouble and that all he wants is to learn more about the late Avatar Kyoshi. But the mayor is still hesitant to let them stay. It isn't until her daughter, Suki, one of the warriors who captured Aang, convinces her. The mayor then tells Aang and the rest of his crew that they can stay on Kyoshi Island for 48 hours.

Back at the headquarters of a regional Fire Nation Commander, Zuko demands a Fire Nation member to hand over surveillance reports and nautical maps. Suddenly, Commander Zhao walks out of a room and greets them. Iroh lies and tells him that he and Zuko are looking for maps and surveillance reports so that they can track jumping shark squids. Although surprised by their arrival and slightly suspicious of their motives, Commander Zhao tells them that he'd be able to help them in the morning.

The episode then cuts back to Kyoshi Island, where we see Sokka finishing washing up. Suki stands at the door watching him with curiosity. As Sokka turns around, Suki tells him there's food in the village hall. She stares at him again before quickly leaving. Later, Aang plays outside with the kids living on the island. Suki and the mayor watch him from afar. As they talk about the safety of their island, Suki glances over at Sokka. This is when the mayor realizes that Suki has feelings for Sokka.

At Commander Zhao's base, Commander Zhao is informed of Zuko and Iroh's true intentions by one of his men. He now knows that they're looking for the Avatar, and he wants in on the operation. So, he sends one of his men to gather any recent reports of unusual sightings in the area.

Back at Kyoshi Island, Aang and Katara look through the island's different books and scrolls for any information about the Avatar State and Avatar Kyoshi's powers. After reading one of the books, Katara shares with Aang what she learned. She explains to him that all the previous Avatars are incarnations of his past lives and that they're all inside him. She also explains to him that in order to talk to one of the Avatars, he just needs to find a way to connect to them.

The episode then cuts to the port that houses Commander Zhao's headquarters. Zuko and Iroh walk around a bit before Zuko notices that Zhao's ship is gone. A Fire Nation citizen approaches and tells them that Zhao had heard something about a flying cow near Kyoshi Island, so he set sail early in the morning. Zuko and Iroh now know that Zhao knows about them looking for the Avatar. They then set off for Kyoshi Island.

Back at Kyoshi Island, Suki and Sokka grow closer as she teaches him some of the Kyoshi Warriors' fighting moves. Meanwhile, Aang and Katara return to Avatar Kyoshi's shrine, where Aang enters the Avatar State to connect with Avatar Kyoshi. After Suki and Sokka finish fighting, they have an intimate moment where they almost kiss. But just as their lips are about to touch, the island's emergency bell rings, alerting them that someone is coming. Katara tries to wake up Aang out of the Avatar State, but he doesn't budge. She then notices that a Fire Nation ship has approached the island. It's Zhao and his crew. Later, she sees Zuko and more Firebenders arrive on the island.

While talking to Avatar Kyoshi's spiritual being through the Avatar State, Aang learns that he needs to master all the bending disciplines so that he can become strong and gain control over the Avatar State. Avatar Kyoshi explains to Aang that the Avatar State gives the current Avatar the strength of a thousand benders, and that it can be the ultimate weapon. She also shows Aang a vision of what will happen if he fails to do his duties as the Avatar. In the vision, the Fire Nation attacks the North, ultimately wiping them out. Avatar Kyoshi then tells Aang that Kyoshi Island is in danger before taking over his body and fighting Zhao and his crew of Firebenders in his place.

Meanwhile, Katara tries to stall Zuko from reaching Aang. Just as Zuko is about to throw a fireball at Katara, a possessed Aang shows up and saves her by pushing Zuko back with special powers. Then, a possessed Aang overpowers Zhao and his men, and Zhao tells his crew to retreat and head back to their ship. After winning the Fire Nation attack, Aang exits the Avatar State and returns to his body. The mayor and everyone else on Kyoshi Island thanks Aang for saving the day. Suki and Sokka kiss for the first time before Sokka has to leave. Aang, Katara, and Sokka hop on Appa and set off to their next destination.

While traveling, Aang reveals to Katara and Sokka some of the things Avatar Kyoshi said to him. He tells them that he can only call upon one of the past Avatars when he's in their shrines. He also tells them that he needs to get to the Northern Water Tribe because something bad is going to happen there and only he can stop it. Katara informs Aang that there are Waterbending masters in the North who can train him. They then make their way there.

On a Fire Nation ship, Zuko and Iroh meet with Zhao to talk about everything that happened on Kyoshi Island. Zhao lies to Zuko and Iroh about his reasoning for being there, but they don't question him. The conversation ends with them teaming up to find the Avatar. But although Zhao promises not to tell anyone about the Avatar's return, he goes behind Zuko and Iroh's backs by sending a letter to the Fire Lord informing him of just that.