6 mystery Netflix shows to watch if you like Fool Me Once

After watching Fool Me Once highly recommend watching Stay Close, The Stranger, and other Netflix shows based on Harlan Coben's books.

Fool Me Once. Cr: Netflix.
Fool Me Once. Cr: Netflix. /
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The Stranger

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The Stranger - Richard Armitage and Hannah John-Kamen - Credit: VISHAL SHARMA/Netflix /

Cast: Hannah John-Kamen, Richard Armitage, Siobhan Finneran, Jennifer Saunders, Shaun Dooley, Paul Kaye, Dervla Kirwan, Stephan Rea, Brandon Fellows, Misha Handley, Anthony Head, Kadiff Kirwan, Jacob Dudman, Ella-Rae Smith, and more

What it's about: The Stranger is the second-best of Harlan Coben's Netflix shows. It's based on Coben's book of the same name, and it tells the story of a woman, known as the Stranger (John-Kamen), who spills secrets to unsuspecting individuals. We don't know why exactly the person is doing it, but when they share the details with Adam Price (Armitage) about a secret his wife, Corinne (Kirwan), she goes missing. Adam conducts his own investigation into his wife's past to try to find her, while DS Johanna Griffin (Finneran) leads the criminal investigation and tries to get to the bottom of this mystery.

Why you should watch: The Stranger is a really good Netflix mystery! There's so much going on, but at its core, it's about a husband trying to find his missing wife. Like Fool Me Once, a lot of the secrets of the past come to light in not so nice ways. At times, the story can get a little confusing, but it's all tied up in a nice bow after eight episodes.

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