6 mystery Netflix shows to watch if you like Fool Me Once

After watching Fool Me Once highly recommend watching Stay Close, The Stranger, and other Netflix shows based on Harlan Coben's books.
Fool Me Once. Cr: Netflix.
Fool Me Once. Cr: Netflix. /
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You Don't Know Me

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Cast: Samuel Adewunmi, Sophie Wilde, Bukky Bukray, Roger Nsengiyumva, and more

What it's about: You Don't Know Me is based on the book of the same name by Imran Mahmood. It tells the story of Hero (Adewunmi), a young man who is accused of murder. During the trial, Hero tells his version of events, including his relationship with Kyra (Wilde), that led to the death of a man. Not everything is as it seems in this thrilling mystery.

Why you should watch: You Don't Know Me is only four episodes, so it's a quick binge-watch. That's the first reason why you should watch it. Most importantly, this show is really good, and you'll never see the twists coming. I felt that way watching Fool Me Once, too, although the twists were maybe a little less shocking than they are in You Don't Know Me. It's all about how the past determines the future, and I felt like that was a big theme in Fool Me Once, too.

Like Maya, Hero and Kyra end up in a lot of sticky situations and have to use their skills, smarts, and resources to try to get out of those situations. If you like stories about protagonists with their backs against the wall and enemies closing in, this is the show for you!

Up next is another one of Coben's Netflix shows, The Stranger.