5 most hated Outer Banks characters, ranked

Outer Banks. (L to R) Charles Halford as Big John, Chase Stokes as John B in episode 304 of Outer Banks. Cr. Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix © 2023
Outer Banks. (L to R) Charles Halford as Big John, Chase Stokes as John B in episode 304 of Outer Banks. Cr. Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix © 2023 /

Pogues for life! Outer Banks is easily one of the best teen shows on Netflix. I'd even argue and say that it's one of the streamer's top shows overall. But what we do know is that fans can't get enough of this hit Netflix series, and like us, they're patiently waiting for the upcoming Outer Banks season 4.

Sadly, it'll be a while before we see John B and Co back on our screens since the cast and crew are still working on the new season. But to keep ourselves busy while we wait, we've decided to rank some of the characters. In fact, to make things interesting, we decided to rank some of the most hated Outer Banks characters from least to most hated.

Find out which characters made our list below!


5. Rose

When comparing all of the Outer Banks characters on the list, Rose is definitely the least hated. She's more annoying than anything and that's what makes fans not like her. Not only does she go along with everything that Ward says to do, but she also encourages him to do bad things at times too. It's like Ward can do no wrong in her eyes, and that's scary because Ward has done plenty of wrong over the seasons.

Also, remember when she drugged Sarah in season 2 and said that her reasoning was because she was trying to "keep the family together?" No, she just didn't want Sarah ruining what she had going on which was finally having the gold in her possession. While she might be more level-headed and less reckless than Ward and Rafe, she's still not a good person. All she's worried about is being rich.

Outer Banks season 1 Photo Courtesy: Netflix
OUTER BANKS season 1 /

4. Topper

Another annoying Outer Banks character would have to be Topper. The guy seriously can't take a hint. He was already very possessive of Sarah when they were in a relationship, but now they're not even together and he just can't seem to move on. He has like a weird obsession with her and it's borderline creepy. He spends most of his time trying to win her back when she's obviously never truly going to want to be with him. That ship sailed a long time ago. Remember when he set John B's house on fire with all the Pogues inside because he saw John B and Sarah kissing? I mean, this was basically attempted murder. Honestly, Topper might be just as unhinged as Rafe.

Outer Banks. Charles Halford as Big John in episode 301 of Outer Banks. Cr. Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix © 2023 /

3. Big John

Big John and Ward are both competing for the award of being the worst father ever. Like Ward, all Big John cared about was treasure and gold to the point that he put it first over his son. After spending so much time apart and finally being reunited, all Big John was concerned with was his treasure hunt. He even risked his own son's life because he didn't want to tell Singh the translation of the secrets of the Gnomon. However, he did get the chance to redeem himself a bit at the end of the third season.

Outer Banks. Drew Starkey as Rafe in episode 304 of Outer Banks. Cr. Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix © 2023 /

2. Rafe

Rafe is plain evil, and it's just that simple. He's also really aggressive and has anger issues. Maybe this stems from him not receiving enough affection from Ward, but the guy is pretty much a walking time bomb. Remember when he beat up Pope in season 1 just because he was a Pogue? Or when he killed Sheriff Peterkin and then tried to frame John B for the murder? He even tried to kill his own sister by drowning her, and then when he accidentally shot her, he felt no remorse. Obviously, every show needs a bad guy, and Rafe definitely takes over this role in Outer Banks.

Outer Banks. (L to R) Drew Starkey as Rafe, Charles Esten as Ward Cameron in episode 303 of Outer Banks. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022 /

1. Ward

When Ward is introduced in season 1, he seemed to be a kind-hearted guy and cool dad. But things change quickly when he discovers that John B found the Royal Merchant gold. His true colors begin to show. We soon realize how manipulative and conniving he can be and that he's a murderer. He'll do anything for money, even hurt his loved ones and his friends. He literally left Big John for dead and moved on with his life like nothing happened. He even tried killing his own daughter Sarah by strangulation after she chose to side with the Pogues instead of him. Father of the year? I think not!

Although the writers gave him a redemption arc in season 3 by having him sacrifice himself to save Sarah, Ward will still never be a good person in my eyes. He's done too much bad throughout the show for him to be redeemed.

Which Outer Banks characters annoy you the most?

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