Mindhunter star drops hopeful hint about season 3 return

Exciting news for Mindhunter fans! Holt McCallany shares a "hopeful sign" for season 3, creating anticipation for the continuation of this gripping series!

Los Angeles Premiere Of A24's "The Iron Claw" - Arrivals
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Ever wondered if the gripping saga of Mindhunter would get a new lease on life after its abrupt end? Well, hold onto your profiler hats because Holt McCallany just dropped a "hopeful sign" bombshell that has fans buzzing!

In a recent interview with Awards Daily ahead of the release of his new A24 film The Iron Claw, McCallany, who portrayed the formidable Bill Tench, revealed intriguing hints about the potential for a Mindhunter revival. Fans, hungry for more psychological thrillers and eager to delve back into the world of criminal psychology, have been on the edge of their seats since the series went on hiatus in 2019.

While David Fincher shed light in February 2023 on Netflix's decision to pull the plug due to costs and audience size, McCallany's latest remarks have reignited hope for the show's return! His "hopeful sign" has set social media abuzz and reignited discussions about the possibility of exploring new chilling cases and the intricate minds of serial killers in a potential season 3.

Get ready to dive into what McCallany unveiled in his latest interview, reigniting the fervent speculation surrounding Mindhunter season 3! Uncover the details below as we reveal how his words have sparked a fresh wave of anticipation for the show's potential return!

What did Holt McCallany say about Mindhunter season 3?

Last February, the news of Mindhunter season 3's shelving broke hearts worldwide. But in a twist that's reigniting hope, one of the show's stars remains optimistic about its revival.

During a chat with Awards Daily's David Phillips, Holt McCallany dropped a tantalizing nugget that could reignite the fervor among Mindhunter fans. With a seasoned actor's tease, he hinted at a potential return:

""I’ve heard that David [Fincher]’s thought about it [bringing back the show]. I’m not saying [Mindhunter is] going to come back. But what I am saying is that if it comes back, I’m coming back with it. You can take that to the bank, but it’ll depend on what David wants to do.""

Holt McCallany, Awards Daily
Holt McCallany
Netflix's "Mindhunter" FYC Event - Arrivals / Frazer Harrison/GettyImages

Adding a dash of excitement, he remarked, "It’s been a few years now, so it’s probably unlikely, but just even that he would think about it is a hopeful sign."

While it might not be the definitive "yes" fans are clamoring for, Holt McCallany isn't off the mark! The mere consideration from David Fincher is a beacon of hope for Mindhunter devotees!

Of course, the ultimate call still rests with Netflix. But who's to say 2024 won't be the year when the streaming giant heeds the fervent calls of fans and grants their wish? We've seen comebacks for favorites such as Lucifer, Mean Girls, Percy Jackson, and more in the last few years. So, maybe Mindhunter will find its way back into our screens as well!

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