Love is Blind season 6 episodes 10-11 preview, release time, and what to expect

The next two episodes finally show the engaged couples meeting with other members of the pod.

Love is Blind. (L to R) Ad, Chelsea, Laura, Amy in season 6 of Love is Blind. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2024
Love is Blind. (L to R) Ad, Chelsea, Laura, Amy in season 6 of Love is Blind. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2024 /

The next batch of Love Is Blind season 6 episodes is here! This latest group includes episodes 7, 8, and 9, meaning next week we'll get episodes 10 and 11 before the finale the following week.

Spoilers ahead for Love Is Blind season 6 (episodes 1-9)

Week two of Love Is Blind season 6 ends with at least one, and potentially two, couples breaking up ahead of their respective weddings. Sadly, when Kenneth and Brittany return to their real lives and start cohabitating, they realize that there is a spark missing between them.

Ken becomes reabsorbed in his work as a middle school principal and Brittany isn't thrilled by how much time he seems to spend on his phone and pulling away from her. Their break-up was really sad to watch, but they do appear to really care about each other, at least platonically.

Also on the outs are Jeramey and Laura. Laura confronts Jeramey after he spends a night out with his "friends" until at least 5:00 a.m. and apparently met up with Sarah Ann in that time. These episodes already revealed that Sarah Ann had sent Jeramey an Instagram DM, so the fact he then met up with her isn't looking good for him.

He acts weird and cagey about the whole thing during their conversation. I haven't seen that man show one emotion all season. At the end of the ninth episode, "Secret Rendezvous," Laura walks away and in the teaser for the next batch of episodes, Laura is the only one not shown in a wedding dress at all, which doesn't look good for her and Jeramey's engagement.

Love is Blind. (L to R) Jeramey, Sarah in season 6 of Love is Blind. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2024 /

What to expect from episodes 10 and 11

The teaser for the next two episodes looks juicy. The remaining couples, Jeramey/Laura (?), Chelsea/Jimmy, AD/Clay, and Johnny/Amy will finally get to meet the other people from the pods and that includes the much-anticipated meeting of Jimmy and Jess, followed by Trevor and Chelsea.

In the clips shared at the end of episode 9, we hear Chelsea and Jimmy admit to finding Trevor and Jess attractive. It also sounds like Jeramey and Laura might really be over, as Sarah Ann tells AD that "he" told her he was planning on breaking things off. We can assume she's referring to Jeramey.

Here's a breakdown of some of the storylines we can expect to see from the couples based on the preview:

  • AD & Clay: AD is still struggling to decide if Clay is the right man for her, especially when Clay says his biggest concern is whether he can stay faithful to her in their relationship.
  • Jimmy & Chelsea: As mentioned above, Jimmy and Chelsea will come face-to-face with the other people they almost got engaged to in the pods, so it'll be interesting to see what happens between Jimmy and Jess, and Chelsea and Trevor. A clip shows Chelsea tearfully telling Jimmy she knows he "f**ked her," which doesn't sound good.
  • Johnny & Amy: The teaser shows that Amy will introduce Johnny to her father and try to get his blessing for their wedding. It's a big deal for Amy and it looks like things might not go so well. Let's hope that's just a misleading edit!
  • Jeramey & Laura: We'll find out more about what happened between Jeramey and Sarah Ann. The teaser makes it look like AD confronts Sarah Ann about her Instagram message and Sarah Ann tells AD she pursued Jeramey because he, basically, left the door open for her, which is what Laura implied in the previous episode.
Love is Blind. (L to R) Amy, Chelsea in season 6 of Love is Blind. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2024 /

Week 3 (Feb 28): Episodes 10-11 release time

The next two episodes in Love Is Blind season 6 will be released at 12:00 a.m. PT or 3:00 a.m. ET on Wednesday, Feb. 28 on Netflix. Then, one week after that, we'll finally get to see who gets married in the season 6 finale, which drops on Wednesday, Mar. 6. No news on when the reunion will air just yet.

Here's an overview of the release schedule for those who need a reminder:

  • Week 1 (Feb 14): Episodes 1-6
  • Week 2 (Feb 21): Episodes 7-9
  • Week 3 (Feb 28): Episodes 10-11
  • Week 4 (March 6): Episode 12 (finale)

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