Love and Monsters cast: Dylan O'Brien and more stars in the sci-fi comedy

Embark on an adventure with Dylan O'Brien and a stellar ensemble in Love and Monsters. This sci-fi comedy brings together a talented cast, promising a thrilling journey through a post-apocalyptic world filled with love, laughter, and monstrous surprises!
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The 2020 monster adventure film, Love and Monsters, directed by Michael Matthews and starring Dylan O'Brien, has recently made its debut on Netflix U.S., joining the platform's extensive array of content! This engaging sci-fi comedy presents a post-apocalyptic world seven years after the Monsterpocalypse, where humanity seeks refuge in underground colonies.

The story follows Joel Dawson, portrayed by Dylan O'Brien, who dares to venture out of his secure bunker in a daring quest to reunite with his high school sweetheart, Aimee, 85 miles away. Along the perilous journey, Joel encounters a plethora of monsters and unknown threats, weaving an adventurous tale fraught with danger and heartwarming connections. The film's official synopsis, as provided by IMDb, reads:

""Seven years after he survived the monster apocalypse, lovably hapless Joel leaves his cozy underground bunker behind on a quest to reunite with his high school sweetheart.""


As Love and Monsters captivates audiences on Netflix, its blend of sci-fi and comedy has garnered attention for its inventive storyline and the stellar performances of its cast. Wondering who brings these characters to life? Well, you're in luck! Join us as we delve into the full cast list and unveil character descriptions for the main ensemble, offering insight into the personalities behind this thrilling monster-filled adventure, below!

Who is the cast of Love and Monsters?

Enter the captivating world of Love and Monsters, boasting a brilliant ensemble led by the charismatic Dylan O'Brien in the role of Joel. Among the central characters of the 2020 film are Jessica Henwick as Aimee, Michael Rooker as Clyde, and Dan Ewing as the stalwart Cap. Join us as we delve deeper into the core cast and their characters before unveiling the entire lineup. Without delay, let's dive right in!

Dylan O'Brien as Joel

Dylan O'Brien
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Dylan O'Brien takes center stage as Joel, the endearingly hapless protagonist in Love and Monsters. After weathering seven years of the monster apocalypse from the safety of an underground bunker, Joel fearlessly sets off on a perilous journey to reconnect with his high school sweetheart, Aimee. Brimming with determination and courage, Joel's character shines as he navigates a treacherous world teeming with monstrous adversaries. Beyond his resilience, Joel's altruistic nature emerges through his willingness to share his hard-earned wisdom, striving to ease the survival journey for others amidst the chaos.

Born on August 26, 1991, in New York City, NY, Dylan O'Brien has carved a prominent path in the entertainment industry. Recognized for his iconic portrayal of Stiles Stilinski in the MTV supernatural drama Teen Wolf and his lead role as Thomas in the Maze Runner film series, O'Brien's versatile talent has graced both the small and silver screens. His repertoire includes memorable performances in films like Deepwater Horizon, Not Okay, and American Assassin, solidifying his position as a versatile and captivating actor.

Jessica Henwick as Aimee

In Love and Monsters, Jessica Henwick brings to life the character of Aimee, Joel's high school sweetheart and the magnetic force driving his journey. Aimee is no typical damsel in distress; she's a formidable figure, exuding strength and independence honed through surviving the monstrous apocalypse. Beyond her ties with Joel, she's a fully realized individual, brimming with resilience and adaptability in the post-apocalyptic world.

Jessica Henwick, born on August 30, 1992, is a dynamic British actress celebrated for her diverse roles across blockbuster hits like Game of Thrones, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and her portrayal of Colleen Wing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Breaking barriers, Henwick made history as the first East Asian actress to helm a leading role in a British TV series. Her vibrant presence extends to social media, particularly Instagram, where fans can catch glimpses of her captivating career and personal adventures! You can follow her on her official handle: "@jhenwick".

Michael Rooker as Clyde

Michael Rooker
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Clyde, brought to life by the seasoned actor Michael Rooker, stands as a grizzled survivor within the immersive world of Love and Monsters. While specific details about his character may remain veiled, Rooker's portrayal often embodies characters with rugged resilience and survival prowess, qualities seamlessly suited for the post-apocalyptic landscape of the film.

Michael Rooker, an American actor born on April 6, 1955, in Jasper, Alabama, has carved a memorable niche in Hollywood. Renowned for his indelible performances, Rooker has etched his name in cinematic memory with iconic roles like Yondu in Guardians of the Galaxy and the unforgettable Merle Dixon in The Walking Dead TV series. His commanding presence on screen, coupled with a fervent fan following, attests to his ability to deliver intense and captivating performances that resonate long after the credits roll!

Dan Ewing as Cap

Meet Cap, brought to life by the dynamic Dan Ewing in Love and Monsters. Cap stands tall as one of the resilient survivors maneuvering through the perilous landscapes of a world overrun by monstrous creatures.

Dan Ewing, the Australian talent behind Cap's character, was born on June 3, 1985, in the sun-soaked region of Manly, New South Wales, Australia. Ewing catapulted into the spotlight through his compelling portrayal of Heath Braxton on the beloved Australian soap opera, Home and Away, Chase in Chasing Comets and Matt Simmons in Occupation: Rainfall. If you'd like to stay up to date with the actor, following him on social media is your best bet! Follow his official Instagram handle "@_danewing" to stay in the loop.

Joining the stellar main cast of Love and Monsters, according to IMDb, are these talented actors, each bringing their unique flair to the monster-infested world:

  • Ariana Greenblatt as Minnow
  • Ellen Hollman as Dana
  • Tre Hale as Rocko
  • Pacharo Mzembe as Ray
  • Senie Priti as Karen
  • Amali Golden as Ava
  • Te Kohe Tuhaka as Tim
  • Tasneem Roc as Anna Lucia
  • Thomas Campbell as Anderson
  • Joel Pierce as Connor
  • Melanie Zanetti as Kala
  • Bruce Spence as Old Pete
  • Hazel Phillips as Janice
  • Miriama Smith as Maya

For a glimpse of these talented actors in action, experience the thrilling ride of Love and Monsters in its official trailer below!

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