Justin Willman brings his magic tricks to Netflix in The Magic Prank Show

Team Coco House At NY Comedy Festival - Day 1
Team Coco House At NY Comedy Festival - Day 1 / Bryan Bedder/GettyImages

With shows like Punk'd and Impractical Jokers, it seems like we've had a prank show every generation of our lives.

The popularity of pranking shows doesn't surprise us since everyone could use a good laugh once in a while or just watch some people get their just deserts with a harmless prank. Either way, we, along with hundreds of thousands of viewers, love prank shows, which is why we're more than happy that Netflix is releasing one of its own but with a special little twist.

Here's everything to know about The Magic Prank Show!

Justin Willman uses magic pranks to get even on ne'er-do-wells

From making things disappear in plain sight to making phones spontaneously combust, Magic for Humans magician Justin Willman embarks on a journey through the nation to find people who would love to play pranks on their loved ones. His skills help him go above the ordinary pranks that may include a major fall in public and, instead, do things that definitely leave an everlasting mark on whoever is on the receiving end of the prank.

Check out some of the pranks in the official trailer for The Magic Prank Show here!

Similar to the participants, viewers will be puzzled seeing the magic unfold in front of them because they've never seen reality bent so well and question how something so extraordinary can even come about. After all, longtime fans of Justin Willman have been scratching their heads trying to figure out the science behind what he does. Some are even so impressed, they question reality.

"Personally I enjoyed [Magic for Humans] a lot! There were a few moments that made me question the authenticity of the effect, however it was overall super entertaining," one Reddit comment read. "I do believe his claims that the effects are genuine. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good laugh."

Fortunately, Netflix subscribers will have the opportunity to check Justin Willman out for themselves and formulate their own opinions as to whether they think his magic is too advanced for the regular eye to comprehend.

Or perhaps viewers don't care to learn how Willman does his tricks and instead just want to watch people get pranked. Both reasons are perfectly fine! Just don't forget to head to Netflix on Monday, April 1, to stream every episode of The Magic Prank Show.

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