Jennifer Lopez and Netflix developing series adaptation of Emily Henry's Happy Place

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Jennifer Lopez's creative partnership with Netflix seems to be still going strong. It's just been reported that her production company, Nuyorican Productions, will be adapting Emily Henry's 2023 romance novel Happy Place into a series alongside the streaming giant. More on this below.

Back in June 2021, Netflix inked a multi-year first-look deal with Jennifer Lopez and her Nuyorican Productions. Through this partnership, Lopez would be producing a slate of films, TV shows, and scripted and unscripted content. According to the deal, these projects would support diverse female actors, writers, and filmmakers. Two projects out of this deal have already come out. They are the movies The Mother and Atlas, both in which Lopez stars. Another project part of the deal is the upcoming thriller film The Cipher. Once again, Lopez will not only produce this movie but also star.

Now, we have another project of Lopez's to look forward to. It's the upcoming Netflix series adaptation of the YA romance novel Happy Place. According to Deadline, producers and streaming executives are currently meeting with writers. It's unknown if Lopez will also star in this series, seeing as though no casting details were revealed. We don't know who will be directing the episodes either. However, what we do know is that Lopez, Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas, and Benny Medina are signed as producers.

The young adult romance novel centers around Harriet and Wyn, who have been the perfect couple since they met in college. That's until recently... They broke up five months ago, and they still haven’t told their best friends. Things get really complicated when, on their friend group's annual weeklong vacation, they're forced to share a bedroom at the Maine cottage that's been their friend group's getaway spot for many years. How will they manage to hide their relationship status from their friends while being in such close quarters? You can purchase this book on Amazon as a paperback, hardcover, or eBook at various prices.

Sadly, that's all we know about the Happy Place series adaptation at the moment. As more information is released about this upcoming Netflix show, we'll be sure to come back and share everything we learned. So, stay tuned to Netflix Life!

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