Is the Ted series on Netflix? (Where to stream online)

The Ted series is here, and fans of the movies will not want to miss out. Where can you stream the series online?
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The rude, crude talking teddy bear is back. This time, we’re jumping back in time to see how 16-year-old John Bennett and his bear best friend dealt with high school. Yes, it’s all about the Ted series.

This prequel to the movies still has Seth MacFarlane voicing the teddy bear. He is also the mastermind behind the show, which means lots of the same humor and laughs.

Rather than seeing John get up to things as an adult, we now see him as a 16-year-old facing all the firsts that come with the teenage years. John and Ted are on a mission to mark every single one of them off before the end of high school. Of course, that means a lot of antics and John’s cousin Blaire sharing her slightly more sane advice.

Is Ted on Netflix?

There is some bad news for fans of the movies. This is not a series that you can watch on Netflix. It’s an original for another streaming platform.

Where to stream the Ted series online

This is a Peacock Original Series. The only place to watch it is on Peacock, the NBCUniversal streaming platform. Unless something happens to Peacock, we can’t see this show disappearing from the platform. Not only has Peacock not removed under-performing content but this is sure to be a huge success with the success of the movies.

It’s not clear if the series will come out on Digital or DVD. Out of the two, Digital is likely out but we could see the DVD release for those who want to add the show to the movies they have at home.

Ted cast: Who stars in the prequel series?

The series has a new cast apart from Seth MacFarlane. Part of it being a prequel meant that there wasn’t the need to fit around Mark Wahlberg’s filming schedule.

There is a narrator to the series. Sir Ian McKellen takes on that role for the series.

Max Burkholder takes on the task of capturing a young John Bennett.

What about his parents and cousin Blaire? Here’s a look at the casting:

Alanna Ubach as Susan Bennett, John’s mom
Scott Grimes as Matty Bennett, John’s dad
Giorgia Whigham as Blaire Bennett, John’s cousin

Ted is only available to stream on Peacock.