Solving the mystery: Is spy comedy Mr. and Mrs. Smith starring Donald Glover on Netflix?

The new series also stars Maya Erskine and dropped all eight episodes on premiere day.
Courtesy: Prime Video
Courtesy: Prime Video /

A new take on the Mr. and Mrs. Smith story is officially streaming now, and that’s the Mr. and Mrs. Smith series! Starring Donald Glover, who also co-created the show, and Maya Erskine, this production is a treat for you action fans. But, it’s also a story about the the relationship between the couple at the root of it all. So is the new series streaming on Netflix?

Unfortunately, no. The Mr. and Mrs. Smith series is not streaming on Netflix. That’s because the show is a Prime Video exclusive and not a Netflix Original. And so, that’s the only platform you can currently watch it on. The spy comedy officially premiered with all eight episodes on Friday, Feb. 2. Us Netflix subscribers are used to the binge model, so you've got that with this show!

You’ll definitely want tune in to the television production! So how can you do it? Prime Video is already included in an Amazon Prime account if you have that, which runs for $14.99/month. Otherwise if you just want a subscription to the platform, that’s fine too! Prime Video costs $8.99/month. The streamer unfortunately just introduced ads to its service. So if you’d prefer to live in the ad-free world, it’s going to cost an additional $2.99/month on either your Amazon Prime or Prime Video subscription to do so. 

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While some networks and other streamers have begun to “share” their titles with Netflix - like the first four seasons of Brooklyn Nine-Nine coming Feb. 26 for example - I don’t think Prime Video is going to be sharing this show with Netflix. Especially since Mr. and Mrs. Smith is a new series. Plus historically, Prime Video hasn’t been known to share its content.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith
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Showrunner Francesca Sloane hopes we fall in love with the love story

Mr. and Mrs. Smith follows “two lonely strangers” who agree to take on new identities and enter a legit arranged marriage when they take up a job with mysterious spy agency, Hihi. The two, especially Jane Smith (Erskine), try to keep it strictly professional. But things soon turn personal between Jane and John Smith (Glover) as well and the couple is drawn to each other. So what do you do when you start to fall for the other person while working with them to carry out missions?

Our sister site Hidden Remote spoke with showrunner and Glover’s co-creator Francesca Sloane ahead of the show's release. As mentioned before, the series is full of action. But it's also about the love story between Jane and John. And that's what Sloane hopes resonates with the audience.

"I'm most excited for the audience to see this relationship and see themselves in some ways. We definitely tried to make [the characters] as specific as we possibly could. But I find that sometimes with that honest specificity, things end up being pretty relatable. I'm looking forward to people becoming invested in this love story."

Mr. and Mrs. Smith is now streaming on Prime Video.

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